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Spike your T-levels and Attraction Factor

Spike your T-levels and Attraction Factor


A lot of men are becoming “woke” when it comes to the importance of testosterone for their overall health and performance…

They know the roles it plays; such as fat metabolism, muscle building, restorative sleep, increased libido, better moods… you name it.

Men also now know about the dwindling testosterone levels of today’s modern male — and how food and lifestyle play a BIG part in their T-production.

However, not all guys are willing to or can afford to do Testosterone replacement therapy.

It requires going to a doctor and paying for the cream, pellets or injections.

That’s why I make it part of my mission to help men find more affordable, safer, and more natural ways to improve their T-levels.

One of the newer ones I just discovered is called TKA Extreme.


Every single ingredient in this over-the-counter supplement formulation has my stamp of approval.

It’s not going to have that instant effect of getting TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

If a guy is under 500 ng/dL he may want to get the TRT, if he’s around 500 or above and wants to get to 700-1,000 he can try supplementation first to see if he can get there without TRT.

The only other thing I’d recommend is that you should think about taking this supplement for at least 90 days.

I don’t think taking it for one month is going to make you feel the maximum effect. That’s how natural supplements work. They take time to work in your body. It’s not like a synthetic pill that has instant, yet erratic effects.

For example, the maca takes 60 days of consistent use to gain full effect. And because the maca in this is blended with TKA and Fenugreek, it’s a smaller dosage because you have to go easy on all these herbals.

It’s a good ratio of all the ingredient, but a guy needs to be consistent to see the results. As they say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

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TKA is a good blend with a good amount of materials in it. You might want to supplement additional zinc on the side, along with some Citrulline malate for enhanced Nitric Oxide production — just generally for a harder erection — not for Testosterone production specifically.

But generally this is the best blend I’ve seen of ingredients that have research based on human trials — the Tongkat Ali, the Fenugreek, the Maca — all show increase in libido and testosterone production.

And I love that my friend, and creator of TKA Extreme, Troy Valance, put in a sample of the Secret Seduction Spray. It’s one of the most potent pheromone formulations in the market.

You get a FREE bottle with your order of TKA Extreme. What a deal! 

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