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Unstoppable Orgasm: 4 Techniques for Ultimate Pleasure

A titillating sex secret coming up.

For most women, the initial pleasure point regarding vaginal stimulation comes when she is fertile, just before ovulation. And this ends a few days before her period.

Unlike clitoral stimulation, which begins from low arousal and builds towards a finite peak, an orgasm releases tension.

Vaginal stimulation has virtually no end in sight. The pleasure you can build in your lover during penetration can continue until you collapse from total bliss.

With the proper techniques, you can have your woman experiencing the throes of orgasmic waves for hours.

That’s what my good friend and fellow sex expert, Lloyd Lester, reveals in his new program, Unstoppable Orgasms.

Your woman has probably never climaxed like this before.

Some find this too hot to handle.

It’s not just any old orgasm.

You come faster, harder, and more often than your woman has ever experienced.

And it all boils down to 4 Pleasure Techniques my friend and fellow sex expert Lloyd Lester has just revealed on his website.

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Here are some of the super hot things Lloyd reveals in his Unstoppable Orgasms program: 

  • The strange anatomy trick will tell you how to move inside her to make her EXPLODE in orgasmic bliss.
  • The “sexual superposition” tactic to make her feel like she’s being penetrated from many angles (Most women report it makes their clitoris feel like it’s “glowing”) 
  • A delightfully dirty oral tactic that will make her BEG to return the favor 
  • The “Penetration Play” method is so pleasurable she’ll feel something’s sorely missing when you’re not inside of her.
  • The “Chain Reaction” technique gives her multiple squirting orgasms that might make her pass out! If she stays conscious, she’ll do ANYTHING to please you back.

And much more!

unstoppable orgasm

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