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Does Sex Hurt?

Does Sex Hurt?


We women have it so much harder than men. We leak pee, get floppy vaginas from childbirth, episiotomy scars, nerve pain, misaligned pelvises, endometriosis, PCOS, painful vaginal skin, vulvodynia and more…

In case you missed it, my friend Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS (who’s healed 14,704 women to date from chronic pelvic pain, sexual pain, and incontinence), developed a take back your life pelvic healing program that has a whopping 94% success rate.

YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF to move freely without wondering, “Did I just pee on myself?” “Will sex hurt?” Or anything that’s hurting you at all in your lady parts.


Jessica: “I’ve been suffering for 10 years. I’ve seen so many specialists and have gotten so many surgeries. I was out of control. Isa changed the way I feel about my body. It’s been a tough road for me. She has given me the tools to treat myself and to move forward. I am incredibly positive and it’s changed my life.”

This home-study online program has a detailed healing curriculum including step-by-step exercises… walking you through the methods Isa has perfected for over a decade at her clinic in NYC (clinically perfected, PROVEN to work).   

The doors are closing soon for the “Female Pelvic Alchemy” program, so if you were planning on getting it, make sure you don’t miss out and do that now.

This is a step-by-step program that teaches you exactly how to heal incontinence, get rid of pain during sex once and for all, and all while having mind-blowing orgasms.

Go here to get all the details before the doors close!  

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⇐ Your Step-By-Step Guide To Happier Lady Parts For Life

I’m featuring Isa on my Sexual Vitality Summit. I only choose the creme de la creme of healers.  She’s JUST INCREDIBLE at understanding how to fix painful genital issues.

If you are suffering, listen to her masterclass.

The program is guided by Isa and comes with six live Q&A sessions (PRICELESS! You’d have to pay over $5,000 to get this advice in person), as well as a private Facebook group where you can talk about your intimate life without giving you that awkward “TMI” feeling!

No more suffering in silence!

The Female Pelvic Alchemy program is the creation of Isa Herrera MSPT, CSCS. She’s a revolutionary, integrative, pelvic floor therapist (and a typical New Yorker from the Brooklyn), international best selling author, and master healer.

Here’s a quick overview of what you get when you sign up TODAY:

  1. $200 off your tuition and an optional easy payment plan
  2. Six live Q & A “ask me anything” sessions with Isa about pelvic healing, vaginas, bladder control, and sexual confidence
  3. Unlimited access to the private Facebook group with Isa where you can lean on the women for support – and where Isa will provide even more guidance and expert advice. You will no longer feel alone.
  4. A chance to save your sex life, your self-confidence, and take back your dignity – PRICELESS!

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