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7 Casual Phrases That Make Her Want You So Bad

7 Casual Phrases That Make Her Want You So Bad

How do you usually turn a woman on, whether she’s a girlfriend of a few months or your wife of 12 years? Read on to learn how to turn a girl on verbally.

You might say sensual massages, romantic date nights, and all that.

And all that means is a lot of work before you get her interested in sex.

And that’s IF she gets curious.

Sometimes it doesn’t even work.

She could be busy or be tired and not in the mood for lovemaking.

But if you had these simple, casual “words” at your disposal, turning her on would be as easy as talking to her.

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If you had these words with you, you could casually walk up and read them to her, and she’d melt right in front of you.

You can even text her these words, which will have the same effect.

Using these words while you’re not in the same place works best because you’re making her wait until you two meet up.

Regardless of the situation, these words work.

What makes these words so unique?

how to turn a girl on verbally

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