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P3-OM Probiotics Bottle FREE (48 hours only!)

P3-OM Probiotics Bottle FREE (48 hours only!)


I’ve realized that a LOT of libido issues arise from a person’s inability to produce enough estrogen (women) or testosterone (men). And what’s actually holding their body back from production is their GUT MICROBIOME. Bacterial and yeast overgrowths inhibit the production of hormones, Serotonin (the feel-good neurotransmitter) and create “dysbiosis.”

That’s why I am personally taking probiotics for the next 90 days to “re-seed” the good gut bacteria into my intestinal tract.

There are many strains of probiotics. Some are soil probiotics, some are found in yogurt cultures (homemade, not store-bought). But this particular probiotic is called P3-OM from Bioptimizers.

P3-OM is specifically made to take out the bad gut bacteria. This is the “weeding” part of upgrading your microbiome.

You have to start by weeding… which I’ve done with these P3-OM probiotics. You need to kill off the bad guys to start adding in the good guys. This is where you START FIXING YOUR GUT.

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And for a limited time only, BiOptimizers is giving away their probiotics bottles for FREE.

Just pay for shipping, and you can get your hands on a bottle NOW.

There are no tricks, no forced payments, nothing to cancel.

I asked them “Why are you doing this?  Aren’t you going to lose your shirts?”

They calmly answered: “We know once people try it, they love and they buy more.  The free sample strategy worked for Mrs. Fields cookies and it’s working for us.”

Don’t miss out.  They might not do this deal again.


Gut health and gut bacteria are the most overlooked elements of hormonal balance (includes menopause, thyroid issues, estrogen excess).

The microbiome is now considered an endocrine organ, some consider it even more powerful than the other endocrine glands – it controls the production and inhibits or support hormonal balance.

You can’t get far in your healing if you don’t fix the gut microbiome.

Recent research reveals the gut microbiome plays a central role in the regulation of estrogen levels within the body and thus influences the risk of developing estrogen-related diseases such as endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

And while probiotics have been touted as the “savior” for gut-related health problems, most of the commercially available products don’t even work for your gut.

That’s why it’s important to know which probiotics work, and why you need to start adding them to your regular diet.

Susan asked biOptimizers to be a sponsor of her Sexual Vitality Summit. She had only four spots for sponsors and she wanted this product to be featured as a key solution to low libido.

They are so kind to let us extend this free bottle offer to her Insider’s Club members.

Susan recommends starting with four at bedtime for a week. Then scale up to five the second week. Then to six a night for two more weeks. Once you’ve gotten the probiotic to clean out some of the pathogens in your gut, you can ease back to two a night.

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