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Penetration Techniques To Climax On Command (Backed By Science)

Penetration Techniques To Climax On Command (Backed By Science)

The bedroom is probably where most men don’t want to finish first. Read on to learn to have climax on demand.

Like most guys in their sexual prime, stamina and staying power are a HUGE concern during sex.

But did you also know there are super simple approaches ANY man can use to improve his stamina and become a FAR better lover in double-quick time to boot? 

My friend and fellow sexpert, Lloyd Lester, put together his very best techniques to help you last longer in bed. 

This is entirely different from anything you’ve ever seen or heard.

Because it allows any guy to tap into a natural reflex in your brain to throttle your arousal, like turning a knob…

So whenever you feel like you can’t hold back, you can dial back your arousal and keep going. 

But that’s not all.

You can use this same secret technique to lower your woman’s “pleasure threshold.”

So that she orgasms quicker, harder, and with almost effortless ease on your part. 

You’ll last so long despite the intense stimulation, gifting her with such incredible, eye-rolling pleasure, it can make her chemically addicted to having sex with you.

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This Gets Her Riding Your Pole For 20-30 Minutes Without You Blowing Early (75% OFF SALE) 


Simply stated, you’ll enjoy significant gains in bedroom stamina (and self-esteem). You’ll become her sexual superhero ALL in one fell swoop by merely integrating this simple approach into your bedroom maneuvers! 

Below is a small sample of 6 secret techniques inside his EBC stamina system you can use to install a “virtual throttle” to give you COMPLETE control over your ejaculatory and pleasure response…

  • Nine bulletproof techniques to demolish the mental barriers holding you back from enjoying legendary bedroom stamina.
  • Ever blown your load even BEFORE penetration? Instead of wondering “what the hell just happened,” use this breakthrough “Total Immersion” method to OUTLAST your woman every time…
  • A jealously guarded penetration technique that lets you do 100 thrusts without blowing early and gifts your woman with unique, highly pleasurable sensations she’s never felt from ANY other man…
  • The “Pleasure Multiplier Method” that amplifies her orgasmic sensations while adding minutes to your lovemaking…
  • How to use the power of “Quantum Arousal” to automatically ramp up a hefty dose of pleasure chemicals in her brain (she’ll be so hot and ready for you she’ll orgasm before you enter her)
  • The infamous “Scrambler” technique rearranges the way your brain perceives pleasure and arousal. It naturally boosts your control and extends your pleasure without you having to distract yourself!
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  1. Could your techniques be applied to a single woman for solo pleasure?

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