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2 Silent Libido Depressants

2 Silent Libido Depressants


Today I want to address libido because so many of you tell me this is one of your struggles. 

Libido is also called sex drive. Other words that describe libido include vitality, vigor, potency, and lust. 

Without a lust for life overall, your libido is dampened. The same drive that creates your sexual desire is the drive of general life force. 

When your life force is strong, you have a lust for life, more passion for living and more overall creativity. Libido and life force are two sides of the same coin. 

Here is my BRAND NEW downloadable report with over thirty fascinating facts about sex drive. These are some of the insights I gleaned interview 28 doctors and sexperts for my upcoming Sexual Vitality Summit. 

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Your libido is ruled by your health. If you have physical and emotional issues, they are tamping down your desire. Libido is not solely generated by your hormones. They play a role. Certainly for women, having enough estrogen keeps your genitals plump with a youthful resiliency. But testosterone is the king, queen and joker of the desire molecules. 

Testosterone is found in both sexes. And men give women a dose of testosterone during kissing and intercourse. Not only are we symbiotic, but a man’s semen also supports a woman’s confidence, good moods, mental clarity and heart health.


The two issues that most heavily impact libido besides specific health issues such as diabetes, inflammation from auto-immune diseases, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, anxiety, and depression are:

  1. the health of your gut microbiome and 
  2. the need to detoxify your body from today’s chemical-laden environment. 

Having high levels of hormones are only a part of what makes a person have a strong sex drive. A body full of toxins along with digestive issues are at the root of low libido.

Toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, our cleaning fluids, health and beauty aids and the environment in which we exist emit hormone disruptors. Three of the top silent hormone disruptors that may be suppressing your natural hormone production are mold (mycotoxins), lead, and cadmium (heavy metals).

Trust me, if you’re over 40 you need to detox for optimal health. No one can escape the estrogenic effects of BPA’s, soy, plastics, fragrances, food colorings, herbicides… the list of toxins in our environment has hit a crisis point.

In this modern age — to stay young and vital —  you must eradicate these toxins that get stuck in the fat in your brain, bone marrow, and adipose tissue. Your body has accumulated all kinds of nasty environmental contaminants that are suppressing your immune system, exacerbating chronic diseases and wreaking havoc with your hormone production.

Detoxing and resetting your gut allow your natural hormone production to work at full capacity. 

You can reset your gut, immunity and sexual vitality. 

If you’re a man suffering from erectile dysfunction or a woman with low desire and brain fog, restoration of the gut microbiome and opening detoxification pathways may be what’s standing between you and a sizzling hot libido.

Along with this report you will get a ticket to a complimentary video event I’m hosting called, The Sexual Vitality Summit. Each day for seven days you get a series of gratis videos about sexual vitality and longevity.

We’ll be covering natural health solutions to everything that plagues mid-lifers in the bedroom: 

  • Vaginal pain 
  • Thinning hair
  • Erectile issues
  • STI’s
  • Overcoming past trauma
  • Detoxing and resetting your gut 
  • Plus hormones, hormones, hormones!

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Hot To Trot: 38 Fascinating Facts To Supercharge Your Sex Drive⇐ Sign Up To Download For FREE 

The company we keep… Here I am with some of my sexperts and friends at a recent Fan MeetUp in Austin, TX. I’m blessed to have amazing connections I can leverage for your sexual vitality!


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