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Learn 21 Natural WaysTo Reverse Autoimmune Disorders

Learn 21 Natural WaysTo Reverse Autoimmune Disorders


We owe a lot to modern medicine…

But when it comes to defeating chronic diseases, such as autoimmune disorders, memory issues, diabetes, and arthritis, we’re still fighting an uphill battle.


Most doctors try to “fix” chronic illness by prescribing life-long pharmaceutical drugs.

But many of these treatments have awful side effects, which create problems of their own.

So then they prescribe EVEN MORE drugs to treat the never-ending cycle of side effects!

Have you ever read the inserts that come with your prescriptions? You know, the ones with a seemingly endless list of side effects?

I heard someone say taking prescription medicines for life is like trying to save an arm by shooting yourself in the foot. 

How is this supposed to help us enjoy a vibrant and healthy life?

We need to do better at protecting our health and the health of our loved ones. 


Since ancient times, there have been natural treatments —raw, natural medicines that come from our soils and plants.

Natural has given us potent remedies proven to work for chronic diseases including dozens of autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and others.

My friend, investigative journalist and filmmaker, Jonathan Otto, reveals many of these amazing natural remedies in his brand-new eBook that you can pick up at no cost.

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⇐ 21 Natural Remedies For Autoimmune Disease And Inflammation 

Here are just a few things you’ll discover:

  • The special oil discovered to inhibit inflammation-causing chemicals involved in autoimmune disease…
  • The soil-derived natural compound that helps protect your brain from dementia and Alzheimer’s, according to a 2011 study published in the Journal Of Alzheimer’s Disease…
  • The “golden” spice that demonstrates an anti-inflammatory effect equivalent to that of several popular NSAID drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen (plus, it also helps depression)…
  • This freshwater “superfood” not only fights inflammation but may also help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s…
  • And much more…

Unfortunately, you won’t find out about these remedies from your doctor any time soon.  

When you download your eBook, you’ll also get a FREE PASS to the world premiere of Natural Medicine Secrets.

In this 9-episode docu-series, Jonathan Otto has gathered together over 55 of the world’s best natural medicine doctors. These experts will share their top natural healing protocols — developed over decades of clinical practice.

Please don’t miss out on this… I trust you can benefit from this information and bring healing to your autoimmunity or other chronic health issues. 

Here’s a pic from this week at an event where I was nominated for an IMPACT Award. The category is called the “Go Giver” and is awarded to those who contribute selflessly to the group of healers and wellness experts. I didn’t win but I was thrilled to be awarded.


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