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Natural Medicine Wrinkle Reversal


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“What’s different about you? It’s your SKIN! It looks so much younger.”

Because you have to feel good both inside and out to have full passion for life I had to share this with you. 

When I hit my mid-fifties I noticed the wrinkles on my skin began to accelerate. Suffice to say, I was NOT happy about it. 

As I was interviewing Dr. William Davis, the NY Times best-selling author of Wheat Belly and Undoctored for my upcoming Sexual Vitality Summit, he told me about a yogurt you make at home using a specific strain of Lactobacillus reuterii that reverses skin aging.

This yogurt has been studied by MIT for its benefits including increased skin thickness and collagen. Scientists said it even gave their lab mice a luxurious sheen to their coat! 

Dr. Bill says because this probiotic strain offers caloric reduction, increased skin health, increased bone density, fat loss, muscle gain, reduced insulin resistance, etc. —you have one of the most powerful anti-aging, youth-preserving strategies he has ever come across.

If you take organic collagen with it, for example using the yogurt in a smoothie and adding collagen, he says the l. reuterii is like a scaffolding that the collagen can hang on.  It plumps your skin back up.

I had this experience where another woman my age came up to me at a party and when we touched I thought, “OMG, she feels so papery and dried out!” 

I didn’t want to feel like that at all. 

I’ve been rubbing in organic avocado oil (the stuff I use for lube by the gallon) every night before bed and Kathy’s Organic Healing Lotion every morning for a month trying to get my skin to age less quickly. It was working, but not well enough.

The yogurt and collagen sounded like an easy addition to my morning smoothie. 

But then I also read an article from Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, inventor of modern-day bioidentical hormones. He said that you have to reconstitute your skin from the inside out.

He recommended taking a tablespoon full of cod liver oil (I recommend the Dropi Pure Icelandic Cod Liver Oil), mixed tocopherol Vitamin E and sunflower, sesame or safflower oil for six to eight weeks. I added a tablespoon of liquid hyaluronic acid to the mix. HA acts as a natural support for your skin while delivering moisture and nutrients.

As I was working on repairing my skin I had an epiphany. The decline of my skin tone and acceleration of my wrinkles started when I had to have my gallbladder removed.

Without my own gallbladder, my body couldn’t emulsify the healthy fats I’d been eating on my mostly-Paleo diet. 

I’m not absorbing my fats well without my gallbladder.

So I added an enzyme with lipase to help assimilate the oil. And if you lost your gallbladder, add in ox bile salts to emulsify the fats into your system. 

The results were shocking. 

Now my skin and hair are continuing to become more resilient and youthful, instead of continuing to become even more slack, thin and papery.

After 3 weeks of adding the cod liver oil protocol and the yogurt with collagen, my best friend remarked, “What’s different about you? It’s your SKIN! It looks so much younger.”

If I hadn’t interviewed Dr. Davis and Dr. Wright, I would have never put two and two together.

I also said to Tim this morning that I have been pooing better than I ever have in my life. You THINK you’re pooing great until you finally get enough healthy fats that you realize you were NOT pooing that great.

Another thing that was really driven home hard to me on the Sexual Vitality Summit is that if your gut isn’t moving (as in bowel movements) you are not getting the toxins out of your system.

A slow gut and a body full of toxins tamp down your body’s ability to produce your own hormones naturally. And if you’re taking hormone replacement but you don’t poo easily and you’re full of toxins, your body can’t even utilize those hormones.

Makes total sense, right!?!

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