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How To Get Her To Strip

How To Get Her To Strip

There are many natural and safe ways to reclaim your groin game. First, you may want to know about some surprising reasons for ED.

“He’s just so HARD!”

That’s what she said. Or did she? 

If you’re not satisfied with how your man-cannon stays strong and hard as you make sweet, delicious love to your woman… don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. 


  1. Medication 

Some medications, like ones for hair loss or an enlarged prostate, contain finasteride. One of the side effects is that it may cause erectile dysfunction. These drugs work by reducing the amount of dihydrotestosterone in your body. Dihydrotestosterone is the male sex hormone that helps maintain sex drive. 

  1. Gum Disease 

Having chronically inflamed and infected gums may increase the risk of erectile dysfunction, according to a study in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine. Gum disease usually adds blood flow problems somewhere else in your body. If you’ve got blood flow problems, chances are your erection will be affected. 

  1. Riding Bicycles 

Long-distance bicycling may cause erectile dysfunction, according to a 2005 study in the Journal Of Sexual Medicine. They discovered that 4% of men who spent at least 3 hours riding a bike had moderate to severe E.D. compared to only 1% of runners in the same age group. When you sit on a bike, you bear the weight on the nerves and arteries that carry blood to your man-cannon. This adds to the risk of getting E.D. 

These are just a few of the surprising reasons why men experience erectile dysfunction. 

And that’s exactly why you shouldn’t give up too soon. There are many safe and natural ways to regain your rock-hard power without having to resort to taking pills, getting scary and dangerous injections, and surgery. 

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