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What Triggers A Woman To Cheat?

What Triggers A Woman To Cheat?


If you haven’t jumped in to get my friend Alex Allman’s NEW program, the “Power Switch,” you better hurry up. SALE is ending and pretty soon the price will shoot up from $67 to $197. Get it while it’s still at $67 … 

Humans are not faithful species!

Alex Allman created his NEW program around the idea of the “Power Switch,” the masculine power that compels women to cheat. 

Now, his program isn’t about infidelity. Far from it. 

It’s about the certain traits a guy has that makes it damn near impossible for a woman to resist him… even if he doesn’t have the looks of a god. 

If you’re interested in knowing these secret masculine power traits for yourself, to use for good, of course… 


Here’s the thing:

If you spend your life being jealous, mistrustful, anxious or pissed off when other men look at your woman admiringly… then your life goes to shit:   

Your relationships don’t work, it actually provokes women to cheat or leave because they think you’re insecure, and it practically forces her to be less feminine when you are around because she gets punished for looking good and acting sexy.

In a perfect world, you want to be in a relationship with the kind of woman that EVERY guy wants… the girl that has that sizzling feminine radiance that lights up a room and takes your breath (and every other man’s breath) away.

Just like in a perfect world, while you are totally devoted to the woman you adore… you also want to be the kind of man that every woman in the room secretly wishes they could sneak off with.  You want the devotion and trust of that one woman, but you’re confident enough to comfortably enjoy the desire of all women.

What specific qualities in a man activate a woman’s “mating instinct,” and trigger her desire to cheat? (Even if she stays loyal and would never act those feelings).

They’re NOT what most people think, and you can USE this information to dramatically improve your own interactions with women.

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⇐ How To Activate A Woman’s “Mating Instinct” 

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll discover inside the program: 

  • The #1 trait women go nuts for in men (it’s such an aphrodisiac that just getting this one thing right will instantly move you into the “I’ve got the f*ck this guy” category…) 
  • How to break free of the habits and beliefs ruining your sex life for so long… 
  • The “athlete’s trick” that brings a HUGE boost to your masculine power (it has nothing to do with lifting or sprinting, but everything to do with a crucial power trait…) 
  • How to get a woman to unleash her wild side (so she can be completely uninhibited in the bedroom with you…) 
  • How to kiss a woman in a way she’s never experienced with any other man before (and how to magnify her pleasure to insane levels…) 
  • How to make all your selfish, secret desires and fantasies a reality with your lover (in a way she’ll be eager and excited for them herself…) 

Alex also includes 4 jaw-dropping bonuses if you get his program today: 

  • BONUS COURSE #1: Sexual Mastery — the techniques, moves, and mindset you need to be worshipped in the bedroom 
  • BONUS COURSE #2: How To Initiate Sex Without Getting Rejected  
  • BONUS COURSE #3: The Secrets Of What Triggers A Woman To Cheat?
  • BONUS COURSE #4: Masculinity Mastery Access — access to Alex and his mentor’s monthly sessions on confidence, money, fatherhood, anxiety, decision making, charisma, and more… the “BIG STUFF”

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