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Invest In Your Hair: Know This Hair Loss Remedy

Invest In Your Hair:  Know This Hair Loss Remedy


“Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.” 

Unless you’re one of the lucky people with evergreen hair growth, chances are you’ve considered (or already are) getting hair loss treatment. 

Two-thirds of men will notice losing some hair by age 35. And when they reach 50, three out of four men experience significant thinning. 

Now, it’s not just for men. In fact, an estimated 40% of hair loss sufferers are women. And by the time they reach 50, almost half of all women will experience some hair loss. 

However, is hair really that important? 

Well, it probably is for a lot of people — considering hair loss treatments are a $3.6 billion dollar industry. 

But what’s the best, most effective solution? Creams? Surgery? Diet? 

I personally struggled with thin hair for most of my life. I feel more beautiful now that I have thicker hair again. I am a devotee to the power of a very smart device called the Capillus. 

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Capillus is an intuitive solution that comes in the form of a “baseball cap” type of headwear that has some amazing technology inside. 

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is based on the biological effects of photobiomodulation in living organisms. And has been shown to be effective in stimulating and energizing the cells in the hair follicle 

LLLT increases cellular respiration and capillary blood flow to the dermis of the skin, which helps slow down the progression of androgenetic alopecia and even regrows miniaturizing hair. 

Light energy from lasers installed inside the cap stimulate unhealthy hair follicles, increases cell metabolism and blood flow to restore your hair back to health. 

This wonderful invention has been cleared by the FDA, and clinical results have shown 51% more hair growth in 17 weeks of use. 

All you have to do is put it on your head for just 6 minutes a day, and you’ll have significant results over the next few weeks. 

If you want to know more about Capillus, and how it can give you the best hair days of your life… 

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