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Read About The Emperor’s Hormone Replenishing Drink

Read About The Emperor’s Hormone Replenishing Drink


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Libido isn’t the only aspect of your emotional and physical body affected by hormones. 

Think about it.

The most critical job of our hormones is to support cognitive function. 

When your brain’s drained, the last thing you’re thinking about is intimacy. Your continued mental clarity, ability to reason and remember things relies on good hormone production.

Research shows that the earlier a woman goes through menopause, the more likely she will have cognitive decline. Even in younger men, losing testosterone makes them lose part of their cognitive function.

Moreover, the tau proteins, amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles that contribute to Alzheimer’s accumulate 80% more slowly when there is enough estrogen for women and testosterone for men.

Once a woman’s ovaries quit working in menopause, the only way she can replace an equal amount of estrogen is through taking exogenous hormones. The hormones you add to your body are called, exogenous. The ones you make are called endogenous. 

As your endogenous hormones decline you can supplement with exogenous hormones. There are two categories of hormones — bio-identical and pharmaceutical. Bio-identicals match the ones in your body and are safer to use. Bio-identical hormone replacement is the gold standard and it’s often called, BHRT.

Our ancestors were just as smart as we are. Bio-identical hormones actually originated in the Emperor’s court in China in the year 1050 and on through the 1800s. 

The Emperor decreed at the recommendation of the priests at the court that urinals be built just for the young ladies of the court. There was a separate building for the young men to relieve themselves. The urine was collected in long, shallow troughs and allowed to evaporate. 

The youngest priests rolled resins into the dried urine to collect the molecules. Then the Empress ingested the young women’s dried urine molecules and the Emperor took the dried young men’s molecules and everybody felt better. 

What’s even more interesting is that the resins with the dried human urine were more complete than today’s BHRT because it contained every hormone in the whole body. 

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For men, the testes’ ability to make hormones declines slowly over time. However, the toxins in our 21st Century environment, especially the heavy metals lead and cadmium suppress a man’s ability to produce testosterone. 

There was a recent study that found lead and cadmium in the fat of Penguins all the way in Antartica! Heavy metals are inside you now, lowering your hormone production. Our grandfathers experienced hormone loss in their sixties and seventies whereas we are hitting new lows as young as our forties.

The best thing to do as a woman is to begin hormone supplementation during peri-menopause. Your doctor would test for testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, and oxytocin as well as check your cortisol levels. High cortisol sucks the life out of your hormones. 

For men, benchmarking your testosterone in your late 30’s and then doing two things to make sure you keep producing hormones may prevent you from having to use exogenous testosterone therapy.

Those two things to support your natural hormone production are: 

1) Detoxing the metals and chemicals from your body.

2) Supplementing with nutrients your body needs to produce your own hormones.

Imagine you are in a toxic sewer (that is what our environments are like now). There is a manhole cover on top of your head. The only way you can get out of the sewer is to detox.

Once you detox, supplementing with the top nutrients will increase testosterone production. If you’re still not in the optimal range, THEN you can supplement with exogenous testosterone. That way you are not suppressing your own growth —so you need to work with a physician to quantify your numbers. 

Top nutrients include Zinc and Vitamin A which stimulate the testes to make testosterone as well as making more growth hormone. Boron is a mineral that helps you have more free testosterone available. Hormones come in a bound fraction and free fraction. Boron unbinds the testosterone from the protein to allow your body to use it. There are more supplements that are important for testosterone and for estrogen support for women.

If you want to improve your libido, cognitive function, and overall hormone production, register for this free Sexual Vitality Summit taking place on September 23rd through 30th.

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