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Have A Hot And Sexy Sauna Date

Have A Hot And Sexy Sauna Date

Sunlighten hand-builds your sauna for you! Order your Sunlighten spa ASAP so you can enjoy it before the holidays. 

If you’ve never thought of owning your very own infrared sauna before, neither have I. Yet, here I am, after having ours installed in our home.

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Why should you consider getting your infrared sauna?

If we don’t get the toxins from our 21st-century world OUT of our body, we may end up in a sewer with a heavy maintenance hole cover over our heads.

Toxins stunt our natural hormone production and cause erectile issues in men and women while aging us before our time.

No thanks!

But I also don’t want to drink bentonite clay and take charcoal all day.

Yet those toxins need to get O.U.T. of our bodies.

Enter… your SKIN! That most marvelous of detoxifying organs.

A good sweat is the single best detoxifier after pooping and peeing.

You can sprint to work up a sweat… or you can install a home sauna.

I’ll take door #2! Yes! Tim and I installed our very own Sunlighten sauna last year. This is our gift to each other. The gift of health!

Infrared saunas are rapidly growing in popularity for a good reason.

You see, sweating is one of the best and most natural ways to detox your body of chemicals we accumulate because of the food we eat and our daily environment.

It’s a safe and gentle way to support your sexual health and vitality.

If you haven’t yet heard about them, infrared saunas are different from regular steam saunas. These use specialized light instead of steam from electricity or burning wood.

The gentle infrared light emits heat and natural, positive radiation, which your body’s thermoreceptors detect.

THE best providers of infrared sauna technology are Sunlighten. They’ve been hand-building personalized infrared saunas for over 20 years. Their saunas have near-and-far infrared and come with a host of excellent options.


Now, why should you consider getting your infrared sauna from Sunlighten? Some of the documented health benefits include:

  • Reduced inflammation 
  • Detoxification and strengthening of the immune system through sweating
  • Improved wound healing
  • Activated cell regeneration, anti-aging hormones, and human growth hormone
  • Increased blood flow and improved heart function 
  • Reduced chronic and arthritis pain
  • Lowered blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) 
  • Improved weight loss and athletic performance
  • Cognitive and hormonal balance

And more…

Your overall wellness reflects how your body produces your hormones. Infrared saunas help balance your hormones, giving you the “juice” you need to feel fabulous, have incredible energy, and a lust for life.

And of course, with better overall health and wellness, plus flourishing hormone production, your relationship and sex life can be lush and wonderful.

Infrared technology also has a parasympathetic effect, which means it heals by helping the body handle stress much better. That means it could even help with insomnia, depression, and autoimmune disorders.

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All my biohacker friends and longevity peers chose Sunlighten saunas.

I seriously want you to consider buying yourself a home sauna. It can go indoors or outside.

However, you may want to think about it sooner than later. Sunlighten hand-builds your sauna for you, which means they need some time. They are built to order. Order yours tonight.

Wouldn’t that be a uniquely romantic, steamy sex date gift for your loved one?

We have our Sunlighten sauna already built. So should you.

This would be by far one of the most thoughtful, health-conscious investments you can make for your health and wellness.

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