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Join Me In The Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit


Does the thought of being over 40 knock the wind out of you? 

Is your intimate life becoming less and less exciting? 

Is your bedroom only for sleeping these days? 

I want to invite you to join me and over 40 world-renowned experts on hormones, health, and living a happy life for the Extraordinary Life After 40 Summit. 

Discover how to balance your hormones, claim your power and transform every area of your life. All with actionable steps you can take without having to spend tons of money, or go into surgeries or crazy procedures. 

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This life-changing FREE online event was created by my friend and colleague, Natalie Matushenko after she felt her life turn upside down in her 40’s and struggled to get the support that she needed. 

She found herself exhausted and moody and feeling “blah” about her career, her relationships, and her life when in reality, she desperately wanted to feel sexy, confident, successful and vibrant. 

Add to that the sense she got that women sometimes become invisible once we are past our childbearing years and the landscape looked downright depressing. 

Despite being a transformational teacher for over 20 years, Natalie struggled to find the resources to manage her hormones and make sense of her changing body, relationships, desires, and needs and began a search for the resources and tools to feel like herself again. 

What she discovered is that the best is still ahead of us! Discover more of her story and the amazing, life-changing solutions she discovered with some of the smartest minds on the topic around today. 


With the right information and support, our changing hormones are the gateway to claiming our wisdom and power as women, to feeling gorgeous, sexy, confident, successful and alive, to renegotiating all of our relationships so they fulfill us, to find our true purpose and legacy and to create lives that are even better than anything we have imagined! 

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This is a life-changing opportunity to learn from world-renowned experts- New York Times best-selling authors, transformational teachers, visionaries, doctors, coaches, and healers.  

These experts in the fields of hormones, relationships, sex, health, money, parenting, success, beauty and personal transformation have helped millions of women just like you create extraordinary lives and change the conversation of what it means to be a vibrant, confident, sexy and wise woman in her 40’s, 50’s and beyond. 

I hope you will join us! 

This is me diving in Cozumel. I learned how to scuba dive at 56 years old! Trust me, life keeps getting better if you know how to manage your body and emotions. Definitely watch this summit!

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