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Sexual Vitality Summit Benefits


Here’s what I have for you.

I have hugs for you…

Your intimate health issues are unique to you.

Did you get your questions answered by my Sexual Vitality Summit videos?

I want you to get what you need to feel excited, passionate and full of lust for life.

You’re welcome to reach me if you still need support. I have many more resources to share.

My resources go beyond sexual health and include bedroom communication skills and pleasuring techniques.

Are you male or female-bodied? And are you in a relationship or not?

That way I can send you the most relevant tips and techniques.

The first thing I want to give you is a hug technique.



You’d be surprised to discover that there are certain ways to hug someone that significantly lower stress, increase Oxytocin (the bonding neurotransmitter) and bring you closer together.

Oxytocin is being tested as a treatment for depression and anxiety and is said to alleviate intestinal issues. Studies have also shown that a rise in oxytocin levels can relieve pain — everything from headaches, to cramps and overall body aches.

I call this hug The Soulmate Embrace.

And tomorrow I’m sending you an itty bitty ebook that shows you step-by-step how to hold and be held in the most nourishing, healing, pleasurable way… a way you’ve likely never been held before.

If you’re single, you can be ready to do this with someone special. And if you’re in a relationship now, I always say…

“Couples that play together… stay together… especially in the bedroom.”

You can play together by trying the Soulmate Embrace.

Look for it in tomorrow’s article.

OK, I’m off to dinner with my dear husband, Tim and a young man (a friend of our daughter’s) from Australia who is staying at our house for a week. He’s driving a solar-powered van from the Arctic Circle to Tierra Del Fuego.

And I thought I was on a mission!

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