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Listen To Healing Holiday Music


“Music brings us pleasure, and releases our suffering.” — Alex Doman, author of ‘Healing at the speed of sound.’ 

Imagine if you could listen to music for the holidays that actually had a relaxing and therapeutic effect on you and everyone else that listened. 

There’s a brand new music technology called Wholetones that has taken music to a whole new level. They infused “therapeutic frequencies” into the music, which has been getting amazing results for people. 

My genius-artistic-musician-mad scientist friend, Michael S. Tyrrell, has been revolutionizing the music world since October 2014. 

And now, I’m honored to introduce you to Wholetones Christmas Volume One.

Listening to his music gave me a deep sense of joy and peace in my spirit. Now I can’t stop listening to it! And I will probably be listening well beyond the Holiday season. 

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⇐ Holiday Season Music That Heals Physically, Emotionally, And Spiritually 


When Michael released his first album Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project, his fans were begging him to create a Christmas album so they could listen to Christmas music AND enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic music of Wholetones during the Christmas season. 

Today, that dream is a reality! I know you’re going to LOVE this instrumental music. And something in the tones brings you a peace that passes understanding! 

You see, our bodies are made up of energy. That energy vibrates and is directly affected by certain, specific sound frequencies.

 In fact, the same frequencies were used by King David to soothe King Saul during his times of depression. 

 With Wholetones, Michael has record beautiful and spiritual songs that contain these ancient frequencies.

 Because of their natural resonance, these frequencies have been known to stimulate your body’s natural healing power down to the cellular level. 

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