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7 Days To Drink Less For Life (Hilarious pics)

7 Days To Drink Less For Life (Hilarious pics)


We know the Christmas office parties, social gatherings and generally having fun can lead to drinking just a little bit more than we normally do…and that’s okay!

The problem is drinking like this puts on weight, can increase anxiety and sad but true, makes us often behave in ways that embarrass us with the excuse ‘It’s just Christmas time!’

For over 25 years Georgia Foster, an alcohol reduction expert has been at the forefront helping heavy drinkers drink less and after being a bit of a party girl herself she truly ‘gets the issue!

Georgia is here to give you some top tips to help you through this boozy time of the year so you can come out the other side in January 2020 without the booze belly and more importantly remembering conversations while still enjoying what you drink! 

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Here are some quick tips you can use starting today: 

  1. Hydrate yourself before your first alcoholic drink. The first drink tends to go down quick because we are thirsty!
  2. Practice the DOWO principal…Drink One Water One, taking a little sip of water between each alcoholic drink will keep you hydrated and slow your drinking down.
  3. Avoid cocktails where you don’t know the alcohol content. Stick to what you know, so you know what you are drinking and there will be fewer surprises in the morning!
  4. Be Strong and don’t be coerced into drinking when you don’t want to. You don’t need to drink to belong or to feel you will be liked more.
  5. Opposite hand drinking, use your non-dominant hand. It will feel slightly uncomfortable which means you will be more conscious of each sip.
  6. Savor each sip, set a goal to time each drink you have so that you can pace what you drink without feeling like you are being a party pooper.
  7. Teetotal friends can show you how to go out and socialize and still enjoy the party without having to drink a lot, so hang out with them more!
  8. White lies, its ok sometimes to hide the fact you don’t want to drink as much as others. Tell the heavy drinkers around you that are you are the designated driver or you have such a hangover from last night and feeling a bit rough…whatever you need to get you through is ok.
  9. Fake it, pretend you are drinking alcohol when you are not. Grab some club soda with ice and lime and get your party shoes on!

If you want to discover how to drink less and still enjoy the party season this year, Georgia has a 7-day program to help you get into the right drinking space NOW and enjoy Christmas without the dreaded hangovers!

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