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Get Ahead of Prostate Issues With This


Here’s a frightening statistic to consider… 

Approximately 8/10 men develop an enlarged prostate.

Your prostate is a gland in your body that wraps around your urethra (the tube that pee comes out of).

This organ swells as you age and it can cause a sexual health nightmare for you.

The cells in the prostate slowly duplicate over time and your prostate can grow from the size of a walnut to the size of a coconut.

It’s a serious problem that will reduce many men’s ability (and desire) to perform by the time they turn 60.

When your prostate swells it gets bigger and pinches your urethra closed. 

Like pinching a garden hose. 

This leads to frustrating problems in the bathroom and the bedroom. 

Scientists agree that an enlarged prostate (also known as BPH) can…

  • Steal your desire for sexual intimacy 
  • Limit blood flow to your sexual organs
  • Make sexual satisfaction harder to achieve

A doctor from the Southern Illinois University of Medicine even released a statement saying that “men who get BPH often get ED. And men with ED get BPH”. 

That’s a scary statement for most guys. 

However, I just recently discovered an easy-to-incorporate solution to help men combat prostate problems. 

I’m learning everything I can about what to do to PREVENT prostate issues.

The sooner you start preventing issues, the better. Don’t wait until your pee is sputtering out of you and you’re up peeing all night.

You want a good strong stream of pee.  Start here. Take a tablespoon full of this oil every day. You can just pour it in a spoon and drink it. Or you can sprinkle it on your food. Don’t cook with it. Just eat it straight out of the bottle. 


  • Pumpkin seed oil contains phytosterols that ward off prostate enlargement and support normal prostate function
  • Pumpkin seed oil also promotes healthy prostate function in men who already have enlarged prostates
  • Pumpkin seed oil supports normal bladder function, which is closely tied to prostate health
  • Prostates contain more zinc than any other organ in the body, and enlarged prostates are typically zinc-deficientStyrian pumpkin seed oil is particularly rich in zinc, which could explain some of its prostate-related benefits. Zinc also supports healthy testosterone levels, which can boost fat loss and sexual function.

More than half of men over 60 develop an enlarged prostate and by the age of 85 that number skyrockets to 90%. 

Luckily, you can prevent this from ever happening by making one change in your diet.

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⇐ Styrian Pumpkin Oil Prevents And Reduces Prostate Enlargement 

This oil is one of the best foods you can eat to keep your prostate from swelling so that it doesn’t impact your libido. 

It’s an excellent natural alternative that not enough people know about.

Most people take medications known as “5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors” to stop prostate swelling.

But these prostate medications have been shown to cause ED in men.

That’s why starting to supplement with an oil like this early in life could be your best option if you want to maintain a youthful libido. 

It’s the best-studied supplement for supporting your prostate —and it’s also useful for about a dozen other things.

Want to know more? 

The website ahead gives you more information so much better than I could. 


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  1. I had a TURP done on my prostate as a result of my bladder being unable to void and this was at a time that I had other health problems occuring and was unable to seek other options. I lost my erections so will this Syrian Pumpkin oil restore myeractions.

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