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Guys, Impress ANY Woman in Bed

how to last long in bed

If your solid stick shift can’t “stick around” inside her for as long as it takes to make her come, she will not be sexually satisfied. 

And if this often happens, sooner or later, she won’t want to have sex at all.

That’s not just a warning, boys. It’s also a fact. 

Now, how would you like to last 3-4x longer in bed?

Have monstrously HUGE “loads” when you decide to ejaculate.

And not have to wait hours before going another round? 

This used to be a pipe dream for many men. And a guy that can possess these attributes will no doubt impress, satisfy, and addict just about any woman he sleeps with. 

But Adam Armstrong is making it a reality for you with his NEW formulation for men called the “Go All Night Formula.” 

It contains 7 Ancient Taoist Super Herbs that specifically deal with the primary cause of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

These herbs have been used to keep men more Strong, Healthy, Calm, Youthful, and Virile for thousands of years by over a billion people. And, until very recently, some of the herbs were only available to the most wealthy nobility.

Go All Night Formula helps your Kidney-Adrenal System function like that of a younger, healthier person — so you become more IMMUNE to stress!

You become more relaxed, calm, confident, and centered.

And, as you lower your overall stress levels, your Cock cooperates in the bedroom… you can get hard and last 20-30 minutes without a problem!

Combine Adam’s “Go All Night Formula” with his other bestselling formulations for HUGE LOADS, and you’ve got the perfect penis potion triad.

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Here are the secret Super Herbs that will give you the sex life you’ve always wanted. 

Super Herb #1: He Shou Wu 

The benefits of this powerful Super Herb — often referred to as “The King Of Yin Jing Tonic Herbs” — include improved blood production and circulation, stress relief and management, and improved kidney function. 

Super Herb #2: Schizandra 

This amazing Adaptogenic, Stress-Busting Super Herb is one of the best for Anti-Aging — and improving Youthful Performance — in the entire Taoist Herbal System. Benefits include improved staying power, harder erections, improved skin quality, liver detoxification, improved vision, and more. 

Super Herb #3: Prepared Rehmannia 

One of the essential herbs in the entire Eastern Taoist System and used for over 2,000 years, the benefits of this Super Herb include its ability to increase erection hardness, increase stamina, provide calm and relaxation, and reverse premature graying of hair.

Super Herb #4: Liquorice 

Licorice Root has been used to improve Male Potency for thousands of years by many cultures — all of whom valued Male Sexual Power & Performance — including the Ancient Romans, Greeks, Babylonians, Indians, and Eastern Taoists.

Super Herb #5: Cordyceps 

Ancient ruling emperors relied on cordyceps to give them sheer “Cock Power” and superhuman sexual stamina. Benefits include increased endurance and strength and an improved immune system. It is also anti-inflammatory.

Super Herb #6: Ligustrum 

This Powerful Adaptogenic Supertonic Herb has been used in the East for Thousands of Years to increase libido and sex drive, improve eye and lower back health, and increase semen volume.

Super Herb #7: Ophiopogon 

This is one of the Premier Ingredients of Eastern Taoist Herbalism for building “Sexual Energy.” Therefore, when you consume it, you’ll experience increased sexual desire and libido, hydration, digestion, better sleep, and more.

You may know where to find some of these ancient ingredients from a specialty herbal store near you, but it would be much more convenient to have all 7 of them ready.

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