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How To Have Better Looking Teeth

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Get this… 

Did you know the color of your teeth has a direct effect on your personal (and professional) relationships? 

New studies show a whiter smile gives you a 58% greater chance of getting your dream job. 

And you also have a 53% better chance of earning a generous salary. 

In relationships, studies have shown that singles call a white smile a “dealbreaker.” 

And that those with whiter teeth stand a better chance of getting a second date. 

Could it be that simple? 

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⇐ How A Whiter Set Of Teeth Gets You A Better Job, Better Relationships, And A Better Life Overall 


Top dentists from the British Dental Association warn popular mouthwashes… 

Especially for teeth whitening and bad breath… can cause mouth cancer, raise your blood pressure and ruin your sex life.

Mouthwash kills off the good bacteria in your mouth that turn leafy vegetables into nitrites. 

Then if you use antacid medication, you ruin your stomach acid, which you need to turn the nitrites into Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is the chemical signaling that sends blood flow to your genitals. 

So mouthwash gives you erectile dysfunction as a man or lack of orgasmic pleasure and lubrication as a woman.

There’s a way to whiten your teeth and freshen your breath without mouthwash (brushing more can make it worse)

Here’s what’s interesting. Leading institutions — including Harvard Medical School swear by this new whitening treatment. Some are saying this strange natural treatment will undercut the 33.4 billion dollars “teeth whitening” industry and make a Hollywood white smile available for everyone. Want a vibrant white smile? 


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