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How To Start Your Own Survival Farm

How To Start Your Own Survival Farm

People are just starting to realize having their own organic survival farm. Good thing when you think ahead.

My mouth is watering as I tell you this story…

I remember my father’s beautiful garden. Rows of carrots, radishes, and lettuce laid out in perfect rows… heirloom tomatoes… surrounded by zinnias and marigolds. Rhubarb planted up against the house… Herbs in our window garden…

Our little stone house sat on an acre in the country next to a cornfield. There was a creek running through our property. I played in that creek for hours. We had a willow tree with a swing and I swung so high! The farmer let us eat as much corn as we wanted. Succulent corn fresh from a Pennsylvania field. I’d run out just before dinner and shuck ears to throw in the big boiling pot we used to can pickles and beets.

My parents were school teachers. Back then, they didn’t get paid for two months during the summers. There were times when our garden was our ONLY source of food because there was just no money for groceries.

That’s when my stepmom would start cranking out rhubarb pies and making bread and butter pickles.

My great grandmother had a spectacular garden too. Most of the food we ate came from our family gardens. And now I’m returning to my roots with my own garden.

People are starting to realize how valuable it is to have a backup supply of fresh food.

It’s a good thing if you’re the type of person that thinks ahead.

Which is why you might want to have a little veggie patch of your own.

Your very own clean and green source of organic food that can provide an unlimited supply of health. It found this book about how to start your own survival farm in the most efficient way.


I truly do hope you’ll consider creating your very own clean and green food supply. I grew from a gangly 9th grader into an exquisite senior eating that healthy food. (See pic at the bottom of this story what four years and organic veggies can do for a girl.)

Having your own mini survival farm will pay off in multiples.

The “garden” you’ll discover when you click on the link and watch the video is a special kind of garden.

You won’t need to water it. You won’t have to dig holes except for at the very beginning. You won’t need fertilizer. You won’t need to do any kind of weeding. You also won’t need to re-plant all over again each time you harvest.

And it produces fresh, organic food on autopilot. Month after month. Year after year.

Now, you’re welcome to create your own “survival garden” even if you already have enough supplies. Even if it’s still NOT a crisis situation.

Because when you have this set up in your home, you may not even need to buy veggies from the supermarket.

There are only 3 simple steps to creating your own survival farm.

Step #1: A little initial digging and mulching.

Step #2: A little digging of some shallow ditches.

Step #3: Planting seeds according to which plants go together, and which don’t.

For more detailed instructions, check out the video or read the website.

Just a little bit of good advice goes a long way toward bountiful success.

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  1. Greetings Susan, Your an amazing woman. Seems you’ve covered all the bases. Very impressed with your suggestion & instruction for a survival garden. You appear to be a one woman mission for a total health plan. Wish there were more women like you out there, I’d marry her! Michael J Lee PhD.

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