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VFit Review For Vagina Home Repair

VFit Review For Vagina Home Repair

The VFit is an at-home, FDA-cleared therapeutic device for feminine rejuvenation that reverses aging, tissue atrophy, and incontinence. Read on to learn about DIY vaginal rejuvenation.

Many years ago, I was frustrated that I didn’t have a solid solution for fixing the most common women’s sexual health issues. I had the

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, which works great for thousands of my guy fans. But if their lady doesn’t want sex because it hurts, I could only recommend $2,000 treatments in doctor’s offices.

Just as guys’ penises atrophy with age, their wives and girlfriends commonly suffer from vaginal dryness, incontinence, laxity, and a reduction of pleasurable sensations.

Yes, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help. Omega 3’s and increasing healthy fats can also help. Yes, using organic nut oil as a lubricant can help. Frequent self-pleasuring can help. And yes, taking my blood flow supplement, made from organic fruits and vegetables, has been astonishing. They can’t believe how “moist” they are even after taking two capsules a day for a few short weeks.

And now, I’m super excited to share with you a new do-it-yourself at-home vaginal restoration health device called the VFit that has:

• Increased my vaginal tissue resiliency

• Increased my vaginal lubrication

• Toned my pelvic floor muscles

• Heightened my sexual pleasure (especially during intercourse)

If you live outside the US and Canada and want to consider purchasing a VFit, send us an email, and we will get you to the reseller in your area.


When I spoke on intimate wellness at Upgrade Labs, the biohacking facilities in Beverly Hills, California, I shared the stage with a nurse associated with the JoyLux company who makes the VFit. Ann over at Upgrade Labs gave me a VFit.

As your intrepid sexual biohacking girlfriend, I started using it every other day for 10 minutes.

I’d wake up, insert my VFit, have my coffee in bed, surf the web, and rejuvenate my vagina while I simultaneously wore my Capillus laser hair growth cap. Multitasking sexiness!

Here’s the best part.

OMG, the VFit feels SO DELICIOUS.


If you live outside the US and Canada and want to consider purchasing a VFit, send us an email, and we will get you to the reseller in your area.

Trust me. She will want more intercourse when using the VFit regularly because it feels meltingly satisfying.

This device warms up her vaginal canal.

When I was a little girl, we had forced air heating in our house’s hallway, but none in our bedrooms. The room I shared with my step-sister was tucked way back in the place – the furthest from the one heating vent.

Pennsylvania winters are frigid!

Every morning my room was freezing! So I’d get up, go into the hallway, and trap the hot inside my nightgown to warm my whole body. I’d plug the neck hole with my head. The warm air would blow right onto my crotch – always my favorite part. Warm air right on my lady bits felt so relaxing!

So when I inserted the VFit inside, the warmth from the gentle heat filled me like that same pleasure 40 years ago.

The VFit is not a vibrator though it does vibrate.

It is an at-home FDA-cleared therapeutic device for reversing the issues of aging, including:

  • Tissue atrophy (thinning of the vaginal mucosa)
  • Incontinence (peeing her panties)
  • Loss of pelvic muscle tone (lack of grip on man’s penis)
  • The lowered sensation of the genital structure
  • Lack of blood flow to her entire vulva

It is a tool every good prepper, DIYer, and tool enthusiast should own. I think you should get this for your woman. I LOVE mine, and I highly recommend it for keeping your lady parts in good working order.

In my experience, the three functions of the VFit synergistically contribute to the remediation of her aging or damaged vaginal tissue:

  • Red light LED array
  • Warmth
  • Vibration

The red light and warmth stimulate the mitochondria in the cells of her vaginal tissue. This increases ATP, the energy her tissue needs to replicate and repair. The heat increases collagen, which plumps the tissue.

The gently stimulating vibration increases pelvic tone. All three features increase blood flow, the most critical factor in vaginal lubrication and pleasure.

After using it every other day for weeks, I noticed that my internal vulva skin was more plumped up. I had more muscle control when I was having intercourse. The muscle control allowed me to pleasure Sir Tim more. And I had better orgasms during intercourse.

Once you reach a certain point of healthy tissue, you can go into maintenance mode. The company recommends three months every other day, then once or twice weekly. I suggest she work her way up on time and not start with the full ten minutes.

One of my girlfriends used her VFit on full mode and felt like she overdid it. She got over-engorged.

I can understand why she overdid it. You want to do it every day. It feels so darn good, and the results are incredible; you’ll enjoy it more!

Instead of spending $1,500 for a vaginal laser resurfacing, she might want to try the VFit in the privacy of her own home. She will use it for years to continue to fight back against vaginal atrophy.

Just give her some space to do it. Encourage her.

The VFit is compatible with any hormone replacement she might do.

And best of all, it works with her body’s healing abilities to prevent continued atrophy.

I negotiated a special package for my ladies with the VPs at JoyLux. It took me a couple of meetings and several months to convince the team at JoyLux that I was committed to bringing this to you. You usually have to buy it from a doctor’s office. But they made you a custom page on their website.

diy vaginal rejuvenation

If you live outside the US and Canada and want to consider purchasing a VFit, send us an email, and we will get you to the reseller in your area.

Help your woman take matters into your own hands.

Show her how she can DIY her vaginal anti-aging.

Support her ageless intimacy!

Show her how to become a sexual biohacker like I am. It’s fun!

I can’t wait to hear how the VFit positively impacts your pleasure.

diy vaginal rejuvenation


For US customers, you can now get Vfit Gold. It’s the same excellent, innovative wellness DIY Vaginal Rejuvenation device that harnesses the power of red light, gentle heat, and sonic technology to improve strength, sensation, and natural lubrication.

However, it now comes with the Joylux Gold app that makes your health journey much more accessible. Via the app, you can control your Vfit, track your sessions, schedule future sessions, get notified to stay on schedule, and read super helpful content from Joylux.

If you live outside the US and Canada and want to consider purchasing a VFit, send us an email, and we will get you to the reseller in your area.

diy vaginal rejuvenation

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