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How To Do Kegel Exercises (Pelvic Power Masterclass)

Isa will show you how to do kegel exercises in the privacy of your home to help you regain bladder control, heal your lower back pain, and eliminate discomfort (or excruciating pain) during intimacy…

As we age, traditional medical establishments tell women there are many things that are a normal part of life. These are low energy, diminished sex drive, and my personal favorite — pelvic floor issues that cause painful sex and bladder control problems.

Surprisingly, we can transplant hearts, put a man on the moon, and figure out the DNA Helix…

But when we occasionally get a little “extra surprise” when we sneeze, the best you got for us is a choice between hitting the incontinence aisle at Walgreens or having invasive, expensive surgery?

Or when we have pain with intimacy, you tell us” relax,” “have a glass of wine,” or “it’s all in your head.”

Come on. We can do better.

Good thing my friend Isa Herrera is doing better.

Her mission is to help women with the often-ignored yet very-common topic of pelvic dysfunction. A physical therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Isa’s determined to help the 30 million women (in the US alone!) who are dealing with pelvic pain and pelvic floor dysfunction heal naturally.


She’s already helped over 14,000 women heal completely from “Lady Parts” problems WITHOUT meds, or surgery. Now she’s on a mission to demystify Kegels.

Kegel exercises are an essential part of a woman’s pelvic health. After all, that’s what the doctors, the media, and women’s magazines tell us.

But the truth is…

…1 in 4 women can’t do a Kegel correctly.

…There are actually 13 types of Kegels.

…Kegels aren’t right for everyone, and some women shouldn’t be doing them at all.

Rejoice because you’re about to discover the TRUTH about Kegels in Isa’s Free Report below.

In the “5 Steps to Happier ‘Lady Parts!’ FREE masterclass, Isa will show you how to do KEGEL exercises. She will also share with you her non-surgical, non-pharmacological approach to relieve pain without setting foot in a doctor’s office.

Isa will share proven, self-healing exercises (Reverse Kegels too) that you can do in the privacy of your home. These will help you regain bladder control, heal your lower back pain, and eliminate discomfort (or excruciating pain) during intimacy…

Learn how to do kegel exercises and Download The Perfect Kegel Checklist Here & Get Your Free Ticket to the ONLY Masterclass that teaches you how to care, strengthen, and tone your pelvic floor muscles the right way.

Because this isn’t just about curing leaking, healing pelvic organ prolapse and relieving pain…

…this is about living your most beautiful life.

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