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How To Tighten Your Labia

How To Tighten Your Labia

Tish wants to tighten her labia. She saw my video about the Viora tightening treatment I did and wondered if I’d still recommend it.

No. I wouldn’t. I now have MUCH better options for you. Check out her question and my answers below.


“Hi, Susan. 

I’ve been watching all your videos, and I LOVE them. So helpful. I was watching one of your FemiLift videos. 

I want to try these treatments. But I’m wondering about an at-home device that would be equivalent (or somewhat comparable) to the outer labia treatment you had. 

I think you said it’s called the Viora treatment, the one that tightens the skin. I’ve seen your recommendations for the VFit, which I plan to try.

Is there a device that you would recommend for the outer labia skin?” — Tisha (not her real name)


Hi Tisha,

Great to hear from you. How things are changing in the “youthful Yoni” world! I have many new options for you, from cheap to luxury.

It’s a bummer that as we age, our outer labia start to droop and look more like our man’s scrotum than the smooth lips of our youth. It suuuuuuucks! But we can reverse aging and keep our pretty pussy plump and youthful without too much money or trouble. 

I’m pleased to tell you about three new options that were not available when I went through the torture of the ReVive by Viora. (And Cheryl Schaaf, my RN who did the Viora procedure on my labia, says I was the most giant baby of all her clients ever with that procedure. And that most women were just fine with it.)

Your options for a plump outer vulva are a PRP Wing Lift or the FemiWave. 

The VFit Gold, the Viveve, and the FemiLift are designed for INTERNAL rejuvenation. They use wands that go up inside the vagina. They do not make your inner and outer labia look younger, and they are not targeted on the clitoral structures. Any improvements to the clitoris are a by-product of the light, heat, laser, and RF technologies used in the inner-vaginal remediation. What I’m saying is that they might help your orgasmic intensity a bit, but they are not going to plump up your labia. 

If you’re still interested in the Vfit, check them out here. 

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If you live outside the US and Canada and want to consider purchasing a VFit, reply to this email, and we will get you to the reseller in your area.

The O Shot is a direct clitoris treatment. You get PRP shot into your clitoris and up inside your vagina. It can help with scar healing and incontinence, but it’s not going to plump up your labia.

If you want to plump up your outer labia and inner labia, I’d now suggest you try a PRP Wing Lift or a FemiWave, instead of the Revive by Viora.

That Viora procedure hurt like a sonofagun. It gave me herpes breakouts on my outer labia edges where I never get them. It was traumatic. And it didn’t last. Not worth it.

However, the Wing Lift is a cosmetic procedure that affects only the inner and outer labia. It’s like an O Shot for your labia invented by Dr. Charles Runels, the guy who invented the O Shot, P Shot, and Vampire Face and Hair Lifts. I’m a HUGE fan of PRP but not the Wing Lift.  

The Wing Lift is a new technique that uses PRP (and hyaluronic filler if you want it) to fill up the labia with healing factors from your body to grow new tissue. This plumping has a more prolonged effect. It doesn’t last forever because you’re fighting against the natural atrophy of gravity and aging, but it will give you roughly 6-18 months of increased effect, if not more.

Here is a video series I did with Dr. Robyn Benson that discusses PRP. I had a PRP wing lift in February 2019, which increases one’s labial volume. However, it didn’t hurt much. It was bearable, unlike the Viora, which was frankly almost unbearable.

I wouldn’t get another Wing Lift. It didn’t have enough visible effect, and it was as expensive as the following two options, which are better for overall vaginal resiliency. Those two alternatives are the FemiWave and the Phoenix Her.

Sexual Regenerative Treatments Videos ⇐ Susan Bratton And Dr. Robyn Benson

how to tighten your labia


The FemiWave and the Phoenix Her are both treatments from GAINSWave, a market leader in men’s health. The FemiWave is a treatment you get from a doctor’s office. The Phoenix Her is an at-home vaginal restoration device. Both use shockwave or acoustic wave technology originally developed to break up kidney stones in the body. Technology has been around for decades. Thousands upon thousands of men have reversed their erectile dysfunction with GAINSWave treatments or now the new at-home device called the Phoenix Him.

Women have as much erectile tissue in their genitals as our men do. And we suffer from arterial plaque buildup too. And we experience sensation loss, and the intensity of our orgasms decline as we age, just like our male-bodied partners.

Now that Sexual MD Solutions — the doctor network that provides GAINSWave standard of care, is training professional FemiWave providers, I’m ecstatic to have this option for women. The Phoenix Her is the at-home version that uses a medically supervised, lighter version of acoustic technology. 

The FemiWave uses acoustic wave technology. It is better than the Cliovana, which focuses on clitoral responsiveness.  The FemiWave is marketed to help with incontinence and lubrication, but that’s not where the real performance lies. Because the FemiWave (do-it-for-me) and Phoenix Her (do-it-myself) are used outside the vagina on the vulva, the waves penetrate the skin and get into the vulvar tissue. Still, there is no way they can be as effective as the FemiLift CO2 or Viveve RF device that uses a wand inside the vaginal canal to stimulate new vaginal tissue growth and restore integrity to the pelvic musculature, which weakens and causes the pee to leak.


What Tish wants, per her email, is for her labia to look tight and plump. The FemiWave or Phoenix Her are the BEST options for plumping up the labia. But they do more, way more, than a labia “lift.” 

The Phoenix Her is similar to the FemiWave, but you do it yourself at home. It might take more treatments to achieve results, but you own the device, and it lasts for years if you care for it. It’s not as powerful because the machines in the doctor’s offices used for the GAINSWave and FemiWave procedures cost $25-$50,000. You don’t need to treat the tissue as much with a FemiWave as you do with a Phoenix Her. But you OWN the Her, and you can do it as much as you need to for years. And since we age daily, having Her to use as needed is great for women who are willing to self-administer regenerative vulva treatments.

I’m lazy. I just want to get the FemiWave done for me. But I can write off the treatments because they are a business expense for me. I will video them for you. You are in a different boat. You’re spending your hard-earned money, and you have to decide if you just want to get a procedure or do it yourself. That’s a personal decision. If money were no object, I’d get one FemiWave, watch how they do it, and then buy myself a Phoenix Her and do it myself from then on.

The Phoenix Her comes with video instructions. It’s not at all hard to self-administer. And what I like best about acoustic wave technology is that it can keep your genitals looking young and FEELING young. You just would not believe how much sensation loss you experience after about 35 years old. When I was 55 and started down this vaginal restoration road because of painful sex, I was impressed with how great my orgasms got after a few O Shots. This was before FemiWave, and the Phoenix Her were launched in the market. All I had were O Shots.

The trouble with O Shots is that PRP soaks into the tissue, but it’s not improving sensation in the labia. It’s hitting the clitoral erectile tissue and maybe some pain points around the introitus or up in the urethral sponge area. Still, you have to have a second procedure, the Wing Lift, to get any improvement to the labia. 

For me, my entire vulva is activated. My labia and urethral sponge, and vaginal tissue are as much a part of my orgasmic pleasure as my clitoris. I still think O Shots are da bombs. But now that there is FemiWave and Phoenix Her, you can cover way more tissue with shockwave technology, and with the Her, you can do it yourself over and over again.

When you do these restorative treatments, you have to give yourself 3-4 months to see the beginnings of full effect. It takes your body a while to regenerate the tissue. I’ve had O Shots where I LOST sensation for months from the damage before my body caught up with the treatment, and I could perceive the results. 

This is the same with GAINSWave and O Shots. Some guys have sensation LOSS at first and get all freaked out. They think they broke their dick. They email me so upset. I must reassure them that the wounding heals and their function gets better than ever.

Bottom line? The FemiWave and Phoenix Her are excellent for improving the look of your labia, the orgasmic experience of your clitoral, urethral, and perineal erectile tissue sponges. They also help some with vaginal lubrication and bladder integrity.

You can always add a clitoral and vulva vacuum pump if you want to pump up your clit boner. And the Magic Wand or Wand from WeVibe is a robust external vibrator that also plumps up the labia and delivers a damned fine orgasmic experience to boot.

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Yoni massages are KEY! If you have a partner, have them give you regular vulva massages. 

And take your FLOW!!! My nitric oxide booster made from organic fruit and vegetables is the foundation of all of this. Don’t get any expensive procedures or at-home devices if you’re not taking two FLOW capsules every day.

Blood flow to your genitals is the most critical thing you can do for your sexual pleasure and vaginal lubrication and reversing atrophy. More blood flow to your pelvic region will increase engorgement, plumping the genitals. The DESIRE Libido Trio is also a daily multivitamin that feeds your body the nutrients it craves to function normally.

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I’d recommend using the Wand vibrator for an external massage of the labia. It will bring the blood to the labia and plump it up. The more you do this, the more pillowy your vulva will look. Plus, it feels incredible, and you’ll have great orgasms.

Bottom line: Get a Phoenix Her or FemiWave treatment and take FLOW.

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