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“She doesn’t feel ‘down there’ like she used to…” (Mailbag)

“She doesn’t feel ‘down there’ like she used to…” (Mailbag)

Health problems get in the way of good intimacy. Some medications, neuropathy, cancer, diabetes, and depression all reduce feelings of pleasure. This is called “sensation loss.”

There is an easy way to reverse sensation loss and increase desire. It’s so simple!

Roger emailed me that his wife had diabetes and that she no longer “has the feelings down there like she used to” back when they got together decades ago.

Here’s what I suggest.

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Your body loses the ability to feel a sensation when you are ill and as you age. It’s called “sensation loss.” Men begin to struggle to achieve climax as much as women do.

You can regain this function through massage and stimulation. Touch increases blood flow, which is required to feel the sensation. Touch generates new neural connections between your brain and body.

It takes a consistent touch and various touch techniques to get the blood flowing and the neural connections made. Most people know the basics: rub, tap, knead, press…

But when you are regrowing nerve tissue, you need many more ways to stimulate the tissue to get the feeling back.

I suggest you plug in the massage videos from our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection. This series of 8 videos demonstrate over 100 sensual massage techniques you can try and add to your pleasure-giving portfolio.

You can plug in a Steamy DVD on your TV or spark up your laptop and run the Steamy Erotic Massage video module and follow along stroke-by-stroke with the volume turned off to give your partner over 100 different sensations.

Once you’ve started mastering the sensual and erotic massage techniques, you can escalate to the modules that include many male and female oral lovemaking techniques and intercourse positions, and a whole DVD dedicated to female self-pleasuring that’s not just about “fingering to climax.”

Sex is all about “use it or lose it.” If you’ve already started losing it, you can regain lost function through a medley of sensual massage strokes.

In total, there are over 200 advanced, heart-connected sex techniques inside our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection for men and women to watch together or singles to watch to prepare for “the one.”

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I made these videos for couples to watch together, singles to be ready for “The One,” and those who want to have slow, sensual, extra-passionate lovemaking.

It’s the best thing to happen to REAL sex education since ever. And it’s my anti-porn remedy for passionate relationships.

You and your lover will enjoy every minute of it.

You’ll also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you’re protected, have nothing to lose and a lifetime of intimacy and hot lovemaking to gain.

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Here’s what’s inside the Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection:

  • Over 100 Orgasmic Massage Strokes
  • Over 30 Tantalizing High Touch Techniques
  • Over 20 Male Genital Massage Techniques
  • Over 20 Female Genital Massage Techniques
  • Over 10 Non-Invasive Anal Massage Strokes for Him and Her
  • Over 30 New Oral Sex Techniques for Pleasure
  • Over 20 Advanced Oral Sex Techniques for Climaxing
  • Over 10 Tantalizing Analingus Techniques for Him and Her
  • Over 20 Uniquely New Oral Sex Positions

You can try a new technique or position every weekend and have enough to last you and your lover for years! My god! Imagine all the unique sexy times you’ll be having.

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