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THE Organic Feminine Lube

THE Organic Feminine Lube

CURIOUS’ ingredient list of organic botanicals is geared toward providing Pleasure and Protection. Learn more about these feminine lubricants…

Your lubricant might be making you dry.


I need to get right to the point. There’s no time to beat around the bush (oh god, pun not intended, but oh well.)

The thing is, we, as women have been marketed products that were created with a very short-term, means-to-an-end, goal in mind: Lubrication for vaginal intercourse. The end.

Run-of-the-mill lubricants were not formulated with the actual health of our sexual organs in mind. They were formulated to get that one specific job done, and then they simply left us out to dry. And not to be crass, but I mean that literally – Out to dry.

Many lubricants use glycerin, which when used on other parts of your skin, acts as a humectant, drawing water into cells. But when used on the skin without the protective layer of keratinized cells called the stratum corneum (like the inside of your mouth, and you guessed it, your vagina) glycerin draws moisture out of cells.

This means that so many of us have been using “safe” water-based lubricants that are setting us up for chronic vaginal dryness. Not to mention, there’s been a study that observed consistent users of typical-commercial lubricants had increased incidents of STI.

Ladies, our vaginal PH matters. It’s what keeps our vaginal microbiome in balance and protects us from infection.

In all honesty, it kind of pisses me off that we’re being sold products that are damaging the long-term functionality of our reproductive system for the short-term gain of instantaneous, slippery sex.

There is a way to holistically care for your body AND enjoy the pleasure it provides.

This is why I’m passionate about CURIOUS Intimate Massage and Pleasure Moisturizer.

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It’s a silky lubricant that stimulates your body’s own natural lubrication, helps your body maintain a healthy PH and microflora balance, and also nourishes and protects the extracellular matrix of your erogenous zone.

Unlike other moisturizers that treat the symptoms of vaginal dryness, CURIOUS uses organic botanicals that help activate your own self-lubrication. Not only does this address the cause of the dryness, but there are also no harmful side effects, which means you can feel more healthy and get turned on.

CURIOUS’ ingredient list of organic botanicals provide Pleasure and Protection. Who knew harm prevention could feel so good? 😘

Pomegranate Seed Oil acts as the powerhouse that equalizes PH to the ideal level between 3.8 and 4.5.

Coconut Fruit Extract (not food or cosmetic grade coconut oil) is high in medium-chain triglycerides and non-estrogenic phytosterols which prevent bacterial overgrowth and promotes the absorption of beneficial antioxidants.

If I were to go into detail about each ingredient this would be a 12-page email. So here’s a list of the benefits these ten amazing botanicals help provide:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antioxidant
  • Cellular repair
  • Promotes collagen and elastin
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Reduce scar formation
  • Prevent yeast, Gardnerella Vaginalis, and E. coli proliferation
  • Increase clitoral sensitivity
  • Improve the epidermal barrier function
  • Prevent and soothe irritation
  • Dermal hydration

CURIOUS is odorless and tasteless.
It is silky in a natural-down-there kind of way.
And it is long-lasting.

Most importantly, CURIOUS does not deplete or disrupt you after using it. Regrets should not follow playtime.

My number one hope for you is that you’ll stop treating your amazing, miraculous Yoni as a means-to-an-end.

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