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How To Touch Her To Initiate Sex Anytime

How To Touch Her To Initiate Sex Anytime

It’s all about the 4-Step Touch Technique that turns just about any woman into a hot, horny, and ready-to-bang nympho you’ve always fantasized her to be. Learn how to seduce a woman with a touch…

“Rejection-proof Touch Triggers that make her desperate to feel you deep inside her.” 


Think back to when you tried to get sex by offering a soothing massage to your lovely lady.

How often did you get sex by doing that? Not a lot?

That’s mostly because a good back rub or a soothing foot massage would only lead to sex if she’s already in the mood.

What’s the #1 reason your woman declines sex? She would probably say she has a headache or is tired.

But that’s not the REAL answer.

The ugly truth is she’s just not in the mood; she’s not horny. No woman is horny from the get-go. It’s the guy’s job to turn her sexual desire from a slow drip to a gushing river of lust.

My good friend and fellow sex expert, Lloyd Lester, has a new program out called Sexual Initiation Triggers.

It’s all about the 4-Step Touch Technique that turns any woman into a hot, horny, and ready-to-bang nympho.

Even if she’s not in the mood, this technique taps into her sexy reserves, gives her raging fuel to mount you, and give you the wild ride of your life.

Let’s talk about step #1 below…

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Lloyd Lester’s 4-Step Touch Technique is so intuitive, and it works on so many levels with female psychology.

We have the sexy seduction techniques we’ve taught for years, but this one is different. It takes a whole new approach to seduction.

Step #1: Positive Uncomfortable Touch

Women aren’t always horny. You need to take on the masculine sexual leader’s role and move her to a sexy mood.

Lloyd says to give her a Positive Uncomfortable Touch. The kind of touch that “shocks” her in a positive way, leading her body and mind into a sexy state.

You see, since we ladies aren’t always in the mood, you need to get us out of our “non-sexy” spirit and lead us into our “hot and horny” mood.

These touches are uncomfortable in the sense that they are out of your woman’s current state rather than trying to meet her where she is. Lloyd says if your woman is tired, a massage won’t turn her on. It will only get her to sleep.

The Uncomfortable Positive Touch jolts her out of her “tired” state, fills her with lustful energy, and sizzles her sex drive… making her crave more of your sexy, seductive touch.

For specific examples of the Uncomfortable Positive Touch, you’ll want to check Lloyd Lester’s NEW program, Sexual Initiation Triggers.

Lloyd’s Sexual Initiation Triggers is not like anything you’ve heard about. It takes a whole new approach to seduction yet still uses female psychology to tap into her secret sexy side.

  • It’s NOT a worn-out series of “romantic gestures” that make her think you’re such a sweet and supportive guy but doesn’t make her want to get naked with you…
  • It is NEITHER a bunch of fluff and touchy-feely emotional crap that might touch her heart but never parts her thighs…
  • It’s NOT filled with 101 different ways to bargain for sex…


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