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Estrogen Protects You (Here’s How)

Estrogen Protects You (Here’s How)

Estrogen replacement has had a bad rap due to a faulty study from almost 20 years ago.  Read on for some interesting estrogen facts.

The Women’s Health Initiative Study of 2002 got all kinds of press because it was scary. But the media never cleaned up the mess they made that harmed a generation of women starved of estrogen.


According to my good friend, Dr. Lindsey Berkson, estrogen is the oldest hormone on the planet, with the most receptors. Hormones “speak” to their receptor, so estrogen, as a hormone, is the most “talkative” hormone in the human body. This makes her the most potent signaling molecule in the female human body.

For years, because estrogen could cause excess growth at the lining of the uterus (if there is not enough progesterone “on board” inside a woman’s body), there has been this misunderstanding that it also does this to the breast.

For decades, doctors prescribed millions of women estrogen replacement as a way to be forever feminine and young. Estrogen therapy was the number-one selling drug for years, way ahead of PPIs and anti-depressants. Doctors used estrogen therapy even for anxiety and depression.

But, I digress.


However, randomized trials are the holy grail of science. Women were downing estrogen, but there were no randomized trials proving estrogen’s benefits and safety. 

Thus, 40 centers under the NIH came together to do randomized testing called “The Women’s Health Initiative,” or the acronym, WHI.

These studies were prematurely stopped as it looked like estrogen caused breast cancer and heart disease, issues that women were trying to prevent with estrogen.

Scary headlines made the news. American doctors stopped prescribing estrogen. American women became terrified that estrogen therapy would give them breast cancer.

This did not happen in Europe or around the world. Why?  These were US studies, and many docs around the world felt their positive clinical responses from their patients didn’t match these scary outcomes.

But behind the scenes, within months, a “re-analysis” showed that the WHI was wrong. A horrible statistical fiasco.

But this turn of events did not make headlines as the scary ones did.


Dr. Lindsey Berskon took three years to write up the WHI’s misinformation in Safe Hormones, Smart Women because she did not want women like us to miss out on the anti-aging and protective effects of estrogen. 

I want to send you a FREE eBook, a dive — with over 200 scientific citations — that explains all this. Then, it backs it up with science. My friend and hormone scholar, Dr. Lindsey Berkson, wrote this book. She’s also the author of Sexy Brain, one of the many books she’s published in her decades of helping women.

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estrogen facts


This book is clear, concise, and entertaining. It is an evaluation of hormone therapies and their risks and safety.

Still, estrogen was thought to cause cancer.

Until December of 2019. At the yearly San Antonio breast cancer symposium, where breast cancer researchers share their data, 13 prestigious cancer centers presented a 19-year reanalysis of the WHI. 

They said our understanding of estrogen has been all wrong. 

Everything they said overlapped exactly with what Dr. Berkson had written in Safe Hormones, Smart Women. I re-read my book to make sure this was true.

In their detailed re-analysis, they showed that not only does estrogen NOT cause breast cancer, but it also protects AGAINST it.  

In healthy women, estrogen replacement protects breasts from developing cancer by almost 30% compared to women who never take estrogen. Taking estrogen replacement within ten years of menopause, even for a few years, gives breast protection for up to 20 years.

Estrogen protects breasts!

Avrum Bluming is the oncologist who single-handedly changed surgeries performed for breast cancer.

Before him, if a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer, she faced hugely disfiguring surgeries.

This information has not yet been taught in med school. Most doctors and women do not know this critical information.

Dr. Berkson has gone to great lengths to put all this information in an in-depth article with over 200 citations for you. And for you to hand over to your doctor.

This is a critical learning curve for us all.

Estrogen has 400 benefits in the body. She protects mitochondria from damage and even allows positive epigenetic changes. She rules brain volume and protects breast tissue. You don’t want to miss out on this powerful anti-aging tool.


That is why Dr. Berkson teaches this information at continuing medical education courses around the world to MDs and pharmacists (like the ICM meeting in March in Detroit and to a group of 100 gynecologists in Austin online, and more). 

Dr. Berkson was a hormone scholar at an “estrogen think-tank” where she worked with Elwood Jensen Ph.D. and Jan-ake Gufstatsson Ph.D. who discovered the first two estrogen receptors. 

Dr. Berkson wrote one of the first breakthrough books on hormones and the pollutants that are damaging precious hormone receptors, Hormone Deception (McGraw-Hill and Awakened Medicine Press 2000/2016).

No matter your levels of blood, urine, or saliva, hormone health starts at “receptor functionality.” This, too, is sadly not yet taught in medical school. 

You will want this “Estrogen Vindication” article on your computer for reference. And to share with your practitioners. 

This is a must-read.

Estrogen, it turns out, is one of your breast’s best friends. 

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