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“U-Shaped Penis and He Can’t Get Me To Orgasm” HELP! [Mailbag]

penetration orgasms

“Keep at it. You two will get on the upward pleasure spiral! And let me know what the GAINSWave doctor says about his curve.” Learn about penetration orgasms.

Hi Suz,


My lover can’t get me to orgasm. He loses patience. When he tries, and it doesn’t work, he feels like he’s letting me down. Then I get frustrated with myself.


His previous lovers have not liked oral sex either. I’m not sure he knows how to do it.


And he has a very thick curved penis. I’m having trouble giving a good blow job, and when we have sex, it’s always slipping out… any recommendations for positions or alternatives?


It curves up and is almost u-shaped. And he’s large, but the curve takes something away, not sure what. (My uterus, haha).


I haven’t asked him about damage or Peyronies. He was a Marine, so I suspect something happened. Thank you so much for getting back to me. I just want to be amazing for him and us.

— Ground Pounder Gal


Hi Ground Pounder Gal,

For the issue of his curved penis, which could be Peyronies and getting worse as he ages, I’d suggest he have a GAINSWave Urologist look at it. It could become so curved he won’t be able to make love anymore. Don’t wait to address this.

GAINSWave treatments with a penis stretching device and P Shots have fixed many men’s Peyronies and curvature from damage. Men tend to ignore their health. So you might have to research and make an appointment for him.

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. Use the promo code BETTER in the comment box when you fill it out for your local consultation and get a free treatment with a series of GAINSWaves.

The best ways to learn to orgasm are to slow down, have fun, let go of pressure, learn skills, spend more time getting engorged, use a vibrator during sex with him, and relax. Here is my series on how to have penetration orgasms.


Try this Thrust In Time intercourse technique too. It is pretty much guaranteed to make you orgasm from intercourse. And while you’re dealing with the curve… you just have to find angles that work for you. You may end up having him enter you sideways from behind or whatever angles work for the two of you fit together. Half the fun is figuring that out!

For your frustration at feeling like it takes too long for you to orgasm and him not having much oral experience, I suggest you get our Steamy Sex Ed® Video Collection and watch it together. Try out the techniques that appeal to you most. Couples that learn together get better together very fast. Get on our early notification list here — a sale is coming soon.


And finally, please work on your bedroom communication. My Sexual Soulmate Pact is a free technique that will help you talk about anything with ease and comfort. It gets around a guy’s typical “ego” issue where he can’t take feedback. It teaches him to love your feedback and leads you to honor the fact that your body will want different things during every lovemaking session.

Keep at it. You two will get on the upward pleasure spiral! And let me know what the GAINSWave doctor says about his curve. GAINSWave will be great for his overall erectile response and penile hardness, too.

Thanks for trusting me with your circumstances. There are easy solutions and lots of fun in your future.

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