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Turning A Friend Into A Lover

My friend Anne texted me last night…

I hadn’t heard from her in weeks. She finally reached out with a simple but alarming text.

“Does friends-with-benefits ever turn to real love?”

I had to stop and think about it for a minute. Then I finally sent her this:

“Are you the one in love? Or are you hoping HE will fall in love?”

I made an assumption there, for sure. However, I know where Anne’s question was coming from. She replied with this:

“I wish I knew if he felt the same.”

At this point, I called her up and discovered she was in a “booty call” relationship. They had hit it off in the bedroom. The sex was great.

However, it was just that. Sex. He still wanted to “see other people.”

I told her that he could fall in love with her out of the blue. But it’s like playing a game of Monopoly and suddenly changing the rules halfway through.

She’s playing HIS game. And she wants to change HIS rules.

If you’re in a similar relationship, you must know this.

He expects you to follow the rules of the game. And if you suddenly ask to change the rules, he will feel manipulated or tricked.

Luckily, there IS a way to get him to fall for you without making him feel used. You have to make it seem like it was his idea to make your relationship serious.

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The Obsession Switch will make him come to you like a hungry puppy.

The only way to keep him interested in you enough to get in a real relationship is when you are constantly stuck on his mind: day and night.

Now, this technique was developed for dating lovers. However, it also works for women who want to respark the intimacy in their long-term relationship.

If you think your partner is no longer “hot” for you, flipping his Obsession Switch should get him stuck on you again.

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