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Phoenix Pro FAQs

Phoenix Pro FAQs

The Phoenix Pro device has generated more excitement than I ever imagined. Read on to learn how to how to rejuvenate your penis.

I’ve received a barrage of questions about this at-home device. So I thought it would be best to send out an email answering the most commonly asked questions. 

If you have a question, chances are the answer is listed below.

How can I get the Phoenix Pro? 

Because the Phoenix Pro delivers more power and has no lock-out time than other at-home devices, it can only be purchased by a licensed physician. Luckily, I have a relationship with the ONLY licensed physician offering the machine until it expands nationally.

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When will I see results?  

Results vary depending on your level of erectile dysfunction. Those with mild symptoms will enjoy results sooner than those with severe. That being said, most users experience noticeable results within the first 90 days

Will it make my penis bigger? 

Because acoustic therapy revitalizes the blood vessels within the penis and promotes the growth of additional vessels, the penis can be filled with more blood. Although this makes the penis look fuller and more robust, it does not change the actual length of the penis.

How long does the treatment take? 

Treatment is only 20 minutes. A licensed physician will create a custom treatment routine for you.

Does it hurt? 

People have varying levels of pain tolerance, and many can perform the treatment with little discomfort. For those who are more sensitive, we provide and recommend a topical numbing cream. Your Phoenix Pro purchase even includes a sample. The majority of Pro users experience no pain at all.  

how to rejuvenate your penis
What’s the difference between the Phoenix and the Phoenix Pro? 

More Power: The Phoenix Pro boasts 33% more power than the average model. The Pro model delivers 20K pulses while the regular model only emits 15K. Also, the Phoenix Pro is guaranteed to emit 1 Million pulses of soundwaves at therapeutic levels and capable of providing a whopping 50 total treatments with no lockout time! 

The ONLY Physician Approved At-home Device: The Phoenix Pro model is the only physician approved at-home acoustic wave device in the market and, because of its capabilities, can only be purchased through a medical practice. 

Because the device is virtually limitless and boasts of impressive power, a physician will have to provide you with a specific protocol to ensure safety. Something I think is cool is the Accountability Journal that comes with the device. The journal comes with a SHIM Score Calculator, which allows you to track your progress every week! 

No Lockout Time = More Treatment Sessions: The ordinary Phoenix model comes with more limitations. It locks itself out after every single treatment, meaning you won’t be able to use it until it unlocks itself, which takes 36 hours… 

For example, once you use it, you’ll have to wait 36 hours before your next treatment.  

With the Phoenix Pro, there is no lockout time! This means you can use it at your convenience and avoid any time constraints. 

Can I use this device for other conditions? 

In addition to Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, Cellulite, Tennis Elbow, and Rotator Cuff Injuries all use acoustic therapy.

Is this device legitimate? 

Yes. The Phoenix Pro is an FDA-registered device and follows the safe and proven protocols published in numerous acoustic study clinical studies. 

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