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Make Her Explode With Pleasure (Literally)

Make Her Explode With Pleasure (Literally)

Here’s some orgasm trivia for you. It looks like an organ but is not an actual organ. Women have it; men don’t. Many say it’s “ribbed,” while others say it’s “slick.” Learn the best way to make her orgasm.

In 2020, people Googled it a thousand times more than Michael Jordan, and Michael Jackson combined.

It swells when you stroke it. And when it swells, it bursts (with unbelievable pleasure to boot).

What is it?

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Many have speculated about this spot hidden deep within a woman’s private parts.

But a German researcher who first discovered it in the 1950s said it’s a sensitive “small bean” ― which can be intensely pleasurable for a woman when stimulated in multiple ways.

Heck, even Merriam-Webster agrees with it and described this area as a “highly erogenous mass of tissue” in every dictionary it prints.

If there is information about this thing, why do women have difficulty locating it?

And why, after hundreds of trials and surveys, most men have zero ideas on pinpointing its location and giving what’s considered the most intense pleasure for women?

The simple truth is, finding this hidden spot is the easiest part.

But knowing HOW to stimulate it seems like a mystery… up till now.

See, this “hidden pleasure spot” can vary from one woman to another. It can be a few inches near or far inside her vulva. Or, it can be slick instead of ribbed.

But once you finally touch it?

It’s where the real magic happens.

The addictive chemicals that flood her brain will create a “pleasure response” so robust that the National Institute of Health’s scientific research has proven it can physically REWIRE her brain, not just crave more bedroom action.

But crave it dirtier, naughtier, and more adventurous than she’s ever had with you. 

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best way to make her orgasm

My good friend, and fellow sexpert, Lloyd Lester, has done it again with a brand new course for some explodin’ orgasms. You’re going to want to get your manly hands on this one and do these body tremor-inducing techniques.

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