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Give Her An Erotic Earthquake!

Think about this. A chef needs to learn how to chop, sauté, roast, and grill. He must select ingredients that taste well together and follow the dish’s exact sequence. Read on to learn how to give her a better orgasm.

Cooking skills are pretty straightforward.

But “sex positioning” skills in the bedroom seem fuzzier.

Wanna learn just the right “ingredients” to get your lover off the way she most desires?

Our good friend, Lloyd Lester, has compiled a NEW course on bangin’ sex positions you’re going to want to try out tonight.

Lloyd’s always been on the cusp of the best sex techniques for men that ALL women enjoy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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These are upgrades to pair ANY bedroom position with the right clit and g-spot rubbing technique. Especially if the same old “vanilla” bedroom activity bores you (and your woman).

Randy experienced this.

His sex life was falling off a cliff. He thought it was utterly IMPOSSIBLE to “get his woman in the mood” – let alone blow her mind in bed.

The truth is, women are wild, sensual animals that crave sex just as much as guys do.

BUT unlike men, only 2 out of 10 women experience regular orgasms, according to a study from Chapman University.

So it’s a little wonder why she’s not interested in doing the naughty with you (probably twice less after the honeymoon phase). 

But do you have to accept this “excuse” every time?

What if today you could put her on a hot, sexual merry-go-round she can’t resist?

What if you could use a unique “pleasure sequence” so addictive she will practically suffer WITHDRAWAL symptoms when she doesn’t get to feel you INSIDE of her?

That’s what Randy did, and you, too, can learn the tricks he used. See it for yourself right here.

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give her a better orgasm

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