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Sexual Regenerative Treatments: A Journey to Renewed Vitality (with Pictures!)

PRP Hair Restoration: Nourish and Renew Your Hair

How do we reverse aging in our genitals, hair, and skin? Learn about sexual regenerative treatments.

Last year, Tim and I went to Santa Fe, where we had a day’s worth of sexual regenerative procedures with Dr. Robyn Benson of the Santa Fe Soul for Regenerative Medicine.

Here’s what we had done and experienced:


  • PRP Vampire Hairlift
  • PRP Vampire Facelift
  • Orgasm Shot
  • NAD+ IV with Glutathione
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • THETA Chamber
  • Myers Cocktail with Glutathione Push
  • Sunbed


  • GAINSWave
  • P Shot
  • PRP Vampire Hairlift
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

I’ll explain these procedures and why we do them in light detail and give you some links for more information.

WHAT are these sexual regenerative treatments?

These procedures are “regenerative,” which reverses your cells’ aging and target your genitals. The hair restoration and facial skin fillers and vulva and penis fillers generate new tissue, blood vessels, and nerve cells to reverse atrophy. The hairlift procedure stimulates new follicular growth. I lost half my hair from COVID and am trying to grow it all back.

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. This liquid comes from your blood, meaning it’s natural to your body. Learn more about how the PRP is derived and what it is from this video. You’re using healing and growth factors from your body and concentrating them in locations where you want to regenerate cellular tissue growth.

When Dr. Robyn injects my head with my PRP, it stimulates hair growth. Injected into my clitoris, urethral area, or Tim’s penis, it grows new genital tissue. When injected into my skin, it increases collagen and is used as filler. It fills sagging facial tissue like other facial fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, or dermal fillers. However, it’s made from my body. 

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When you layer PRP into the tissue, the cytokines call your stem cells to repair the damage. The healing and growth factors from your blood bathe the damage from the acoustic wave with even more healing and growth. PRP slightly inflames the area of injection, which triggers more repair from your body. 

These needles don’t hurt that much, nor does the GAINSWave.

After these procedures, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber forces oxygen into your body under pressure—oxygenating your tissue aids in healing the damage. Hormesis is the word for the healing from injury, making your body healthier, younger, and more resilient.

In addition to the PRP treatments for our skin, hair, and genitals, I also had two systemic intravenous therapies. On day one, I had an NAD+ IV. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) is a metabolic coenzyme. Your body uses it to generate mitochondrial energy. It uses Vitamin B3 Niacin for this cellular repair cycle. Since having COVID gave me what doctors call “mitochondrial retraction,” I use the NAD IVs to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis. I have to create new mitochondria to defeat the chronic exhaustion from COVID.

The NAD perks you up and stimulates cellular energy. The Glutathione push at the end is the mother of all antioxidants. It helps detox your liver and supports brain and heart health. Interestingly, NAC is the precursor to your body’s Glutathione production, a critical ingredient in our FLOW blood flow supplement.

I had the O Shot, Facelift, and Hairlift all in one day, along with the NAD IV. I rested the next day and then had the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment and the Myers Cocktail, and enjoyed the THETA chamber and sunbed before leaving for the airport. The Myers cocktail is Vitamin C and B- Complex, given via IV, and more Glutathione at the end.

The subbed is a tanning bed that Dr. Robyn has in her offices. I laid in it just for 10 minutes to generate my own Vitamin D. I take Vitamin D in my DESIRE libido botanical daily vitamin-mineral complex. Still, there’s no better pathway for increasing Vitamin D than letting your skin transform light into Vitamin D. 

The THETA chamber is a nervous system reboot. It’s a great experience to do this after getting stuck full of needles for a couple of days.

WHY did we decide to do these sexual regenerative treatments? 

I think PRP is beyond an anti-aging modality. PRP is REGENERATIVE. It doesn’t just slow aging. PRP reverses aging.

As we age, we shrink. We desiccate or dry out. We get smaller, more wrinkly, lose muscle and bone density, lose tissue, and our vascular system recedes. Our hair gets thin, our facial tissue sags and withers, and our genitals lose blood carry capacity, tissue volume, and lubrication.

All of this is called atrophy. 

PRP reverses atrophy and causes NEW tissue growth.

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I do these Vampire facelifts, Hairlift, and O Shot procedures to regrow new hair, keep my skin plump and youthful, keep my clitoris full of engorgable tissue, and reverse incontinence. This time, Dr. Robyn put five cc’s of PRP in the roof of my vagina where my bladder muscles are to strengthen that area and stop urge incontinence. 

She personalizes the O Shot every time. She fixed a painful area around the opening of my vagina. She’s beefed up my clitoris significantly over the last six O Shots. I joke that I have “big clit energy” now. My clitoris is like a little penis, whereas it used to be just a nub. The more surface area you have in your erectile tissue, the more pleasure you feel.

I still haven’t fully recovered from COVID, which thrashed my cellular energy. I still can’t experience the quality of orgasms I could before I got sick. But my libido is slowly returning, along with my energy, health, and cognitive function. It’s been almost a year, but I’m confident I will build back better thanks to regenerative treatments like PRP.

Some people decide to adjust to getting old. I’m not one of those people. I’m fighting for my energy and mental function with everything I have. I will NOT go gentle into that good night.

sexual regenerative treatments

Sexual Regenerative Procedures Explained

O Shot Videos

P Shot Videos

The THETA Chamber

Please click here and comment on the blog article if you have questions. I will answer your questions there.

If you see Dr. Robyn, she gives you twice the PRP amount at a significant discount to most places that do PRP, and she is the maestro at injections. Let her know you found out about her from us.

Here are some pics of our time in Santa Fe. It snowed and was glorious, and I got to wear all my turquoise jewelry. I’ve been going to Santa Fe and collecting Pueblo pottery and jewelry for 35 years. The red and green chili cuisines are so delicious too. New Mexico is gorgeous, from the panoramas to the people, art, food, creativity, and kindness. 

sexual regenerative treatments

I am sending you love, healing, and energy today.

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