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Primal Sex!

Primal Sex!

Guys, you’ll want to read this tonight. Ladies, show this to your lover. Read on to learn what women want in bed. 

I’m letting you in on a little secret… How women feel about asking for what they want behind closed doors.

First off, I am certain you want to give your lover incredible pleasure… And that you would even forego your own pleasure to ensure their satisfaction…


But women are so shy! And most of the time they think they don’t know what they want. But their biggest issue with clueing you in during the heat of the moment is their fear of hurting your ego. 

They don’t want to “correct” you.

Women will tolerate stimulation that isn’t really giving them the sensation they need to achieve incredible pleasure, just so they don’t make you feel bad.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if they just told you, “higher,” “harder,” or “to the left?”

Here’s my secret trick to getting a woman to open up and ask for exactly what would feel best in every moment. You can then adjust and deliver the right move, tempo, pressure, or position that will take her over the edge again and again.

I call this the “Sexual Soulmate Pact.” 

Sexual soulmates are co-created. It’s never too late to turn your mate into your sexual soulmate. And you can start on the very first date.

A pact is an agreement. You can walk your lady through this so she feels free to shout, blurt or moan anything she needs to say to make loving feel so much better. The Sexual Soulmate Pact has two parts: Reporting In From Your Animal and Thank You Magic.


The first is an understanding that we are little creatures on this planet. Just like dolphins, dogs, and ducks, we are part of the tree of life. We are on the branch of the tree with other primates including chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans! When you put our bodies in perspective that we are animals—smart ones—but animals nonetheless…  Then you realize that your body is in control, not always your brain. 

Next, take into account the fact that the female of our species has estrogen hormones that run on a 28-day cycle.  Whereas you beat to the daily drum of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone of lust. It makes you horny every day, especially in the morning. 

Her estrogen cycles with the moon, even after menopause. Her desire is strongest in the 5-day window around ovulation. Count 9 days after the start of her period. Those next five days are her most lusty. If she doesn’t have a period anymore or you’re not sure WHEN she has her period, use the full moon as your guide.

Target the five days around the full moon to have a sexy date with her. Make a date with her in advance of the day in this five-day window you are targeting. 


For example, if her five-day window starts on a Monday, plan the date for Friday. Let’s say her period starts on the 1st of the month and lasts about 5 days. Day six, seven, and eight are good days to make a date with her. Then day nine is the beginning of her horny window, and it lasts through day 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14. Tease her with anticipation instead of just springing a date on her. That way, she will have time to get turned on and excited, primp a little, and “be ready” for your surprise. Even scheduling a couple of dates in that window stimulates her hormones further while giving her time to get fully turned on and experience an incredible pleasure. Remember, when a woman is ovulating — that’s her horny window — typically around the fertile, full moon, she’s most open to her sexual pleasure.

You can make love anytime during the month, but she’s going to respond differently every single time. Depending on her moon cycle, how much sleep and stress she’s having, and even when she last ate will all impact whether she feels like a kitty or a lioness.

That’s why what you did that worked great last time isn’t getting the effect you want this time. It makes sense, right? She needs different stimulation every time you make love. Make an effort to learn what women want in bed.


When you realize that it has less to do with YOUR technique and most to do with her animal nature, you can let go of the feeling you’re doing something wrong when she needs you to change it up. It’s not you, it’s the animal body in which she lives and loves.

Your job is to find out what her body needs in this session. This means you want to encourage her to “report in from her animal.” You two are on the same team. You acknowledge that she’s a changeable creature. You encourage her to tell you anything and everything. 

However, you need her to skip the manners and say what she needs. If she has to be a good girl and say, “Please go harder,” it takes her out of her orgasmic brain wave state and into her business head. And the only business allowed in the bedroom is monkey business! No manners. Let her stay in her surrender to pleasure with your attitude being, “Just tell me anything, baby.” 


She’s afraid you’ll feel rejected, or you’ll get your feelings hurt. The only way you’re going to get her to risk saying what she needs is to both encourage her to feel into her body’s wisdom and report back from her animal body. And to thank her every time she clues you in. Learn what women want in bed.


When she hears you say, “Thank you, baby. Does this feel good?” Or “Good girl, keep telling me what you want.” She will hear your confident response. She will feel encouraged to speak up. And you will get the feedback you need to give her the pleasure you so very much want her to have.

The Sexual Soulmate Pact is the most powerful sex technique I teach. Because sexual techniques are less powerful without great bedroom communication.

Now that you know that you need to encourage her… That she’s changeable by nature… And you’re not going to take her feedback personally because it’s not your fault… the Pact gets you two onto an upward pleasure spiral of continually improving, expanding pleasure together. Again, learn what women want in bed!

I liked the feedback loop. Never thought of giving my “animal side” permission to report on what it needs. My man just loves it!

~ Christine G, Honolulu, Hawaii

Here is a link to download the Sexual Soulmate Pact as our gift. Share it with your partner. Train your new mate to become your Sexual Soulmate. 

what women want in bed

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