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The CBD Pain Cream My Mom Uses

“I recently found myKore Essentials Pain Cream PRC and have been using it on my spine for relief at night. I have both sciatica and spinal stenosis, and sometimes the pain can be debilitating. This cream has a smooth texture and goes on easily, and it isn’t cold when it touches my back. I especially like the container design, and it doesn’t take much to pump it out. I’m so glad I found this product. I will be a return customer.” — Lauren S., Phoenix, AZ.

The pain stops even the most intelligent, most determined people from functioning at their best, including my dear mother, Lauren.  So when my friend Michelle, creator of MyKore Essentials CBD Pain Cream, asked me to try her product, I sent it right to my mom for the actual litmus test.

My mom refuses to medicate for pain through harmful pharmaceuticals. They make her sicker than it’s worth. 

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pain cream


In the modern world where health is our biggest treasure, there HAS to be a better, more innovative, more natural way to beat pain.

Harvard School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, Dr. Oz. Everyone is talking about a “miracle” supplement that’s been used to treat joint and muscle pain for almost 4,000 years.

One of Dr. Oz’s Daily Dose blog posts recommends using the mineral “magnesium” to get instant relief from pain and stress.

He says that magnesium is the #1 most important mineral in the human body to maintain good health and that people living in the United States simply don’t get enough of it daily. 

He says that over 80% of Americans are suffering needlessly and that getting enough magnesium can relieve their pain and improve their overall health.

But here’s the most exciting part.

He says that the best way to get magnesium into your body is not through food or supplements. It’s through your skin!


According to Dr. Oz, when you apply magnesium to the skin, it instantly enters the bloodstream. It provides pain relief that is both immediate and lasting.

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And the best way to apply magnesium to your skin is with the use of magnesium oil.

Applying magnesium oil to your skin is the most effective way to get the pain relief you want. Adding the all-natural proven pain relief of CBD/HEMP makes it one of the most potent all-natural anti-inflammatories available. 

Start living pain-free TODAY.

Applying magnesium oil to your skin will not only lower your pain but can also help you start living an active and healthy life again.  And combining it with the fantastic pain-relieving properties of CBD/HEMP provides for optimum pain relief. (My mom combines this cream with a THC-based cream she gets from her local dispensary in Arizona to make both last longer.)

TRY CBD Pain Cream NOW before it gets lost in the shuffle of life.

Let’s start living life with less pain today. 

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