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Give Her All The Touch She Craves From You

We often think erotic touch usually means touching for sex. 

It may lead to some hot sex, of course. But it doesn’t have to. It can just be purely for pleasure if you want to keep it there. 

Sensual touch is about touching someone or yourself in a pleasurable way. 

This can be used to bond, be affectionate, and lead up to some naughty time as a form of foreplay. 

To be a master of sensual touch, you must know your partner’s erogenous zones. The skin is her biggest sensual organ, yet some parts are more sensitive than others. 

And some naturally trigger her arousal.

You can even use unusual textures to trigger those arousing sensations by using things like feathers, ice cubes, silk fabrics, your tongue, and fingernails.

Do it in bed, on the couch, while you’re taking a shower, or in the tub. Be cozy in a blanket or spread out naked for each other to enjoy. 

The better you are at a sensual touch, the easier it is to turn a woman on and bring her to a fulfilling climax. If you want to get the best tips for touch arousal, check this out. 

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Can you make a girl melt with PURE LUST – using just your touch?

The short answer is YES. But the long answer is more interesting. 

But first, if you want to touch and arouse a woman in ways that will tease her mercilessly, seduce her quickly, and rock her world in ways that she’s only dreamed of.

Then you’ll be fascinated to know this one gives off the most potent dopamine spike of them all:

You see, in every woman’s heart (and private parts), there’s a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of TOUCH.

But the question is to what degree?

Where do you touch her? When? How?

These factors are important, considering you don’t want to touch a woman too lightly – like she’s a century-old fragile cup of porcelain. Or feel her with such brute force like you’re doing a shiatsu massage.

No, the goal of your touch is to instantly melt her resistance, make her feel comfortable, create curiosity and intimacy, and ultimately make her feel a volcanic blast of lust overwhelming her mind, body, and soul. 

In short, these simple “touch tactics” do a masterful job of overcoming her objections while moving you closer to the white-hot sex you’re aiming for.

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erotic touch


Here’s a sneak peek of all the good stuff you’ll find inside Lloyd’s new program. 

  • The fundamentals of touching a woman even in everyday ways that automatically lights up her pleasure system like a Christmas tree
  • How to use light touches on her fingers, hands, and wrists to make her naturally curious. (And how to pump that curiosity up to heightened levels, making her crave more)
  • How to “not touch her” to amplify her anticipation and make her practically soak through her panties, waiting to feel your warm, strong hands on her body again
  • Pick up on subtle changes in her body language to know exactly which forms of touch she craves the most and how to fulfill that craving in a way that fuels a rabid, unrestrained lust inside her
  • A foolproof way to know how to touch her to make her comfortable, gain her trust and feel an instantaneous connection with you (and why it’s even MORE essential for guys who’ve been with a woman for a long time)
  • The “touch timing” indicator tells you when to escalate to the most personal and erogenous areas of her body. (And why no man should EVER touch a woman in these areas unless he spots them on her)
  • Why she’ll automatically shut you down for sex if you feel her in any of these five ways. (Warning: 90% of men are doing this and killing their sex lives without knowing it)
  • How to make every touch feel intimate, connected, and sensual so she can’t help but get incredibly turned on and why most guys completely screw this up even if they already have a lot of experience with women
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