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Every once in a while, a g spot toy comes along that makes you abandon your trusty standbys and binge ‘gasm.

The new Kurve is an internal/external vibrator designed for G-Spot pleasure with two kinds of vibration, bass and treble. You can have as many rumbles and buzzes as your Yoni desires!

Tim has been giving me a vulva massage to get me plump and engorged. Then he turns on the Kurve and tantalizes my entire outer vulva before I’m squirming to get him to put the Kurve inside me. The dual-motor Treble and Bass Technology combination feels amazing on my clitoris as it does deep inside my vagina.

Since I went for a year of not having sex because of long-haul Covid, I’m still recovering and regaining my orgasm and engorgement. My ejaculatory response is still suppressed. We are coaxing it back to life because there is nothing I love better than to squirt my heart out.

The Kurve boasts a soft gel tip that softly puts the right kind of pressure just where you want it.

I’m fussy, fussy, fussy about the sex toys I recommend to you. And this is a GREAT one to add to your collection:

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Our sexy friends over at Hot Octopuss, creators of the bestselling DiGiT, Atom Plus, and Pulse Duo sex toys, now invented the KURVE.

Another revolutionary sex toy, the Kurve has two motors, a bass and a treble, and a soft tip for G-Spot pleasuring. The symphonic rumble and buzz are exquisite, and the squishy end feels luxurious. 

KURVE is a sex toy superhero on a mission to seek out your G-spot yet everything it touches feels exquisite. 

Find your perfect rhythm with the dual-motor Treble and Bass Technology™. 

It’s a brilliant and sexy new development by the intelligent people at Hot Octopuss for our ever-flowing ever-changing desires. 

Try switching between intense high-frequency Treble waves and deep rumbly bass vibrations. Alternatively, press play on both motors and enjoy the KURVE’s throbbing symphony of treble and bass.

The KURVE’s carefully engineered contours help you to identify and target your G-spot quickly. While the soft gel tip ensures you apply the perfect pressure. 

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Here is my G-Spot Toy Guide, which comes with an explicit, up-close how-to video for your reference.

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