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Shine Light On Yourself To Increase Testosterone (Seriously)

Shine Light On Yourself To Increase Testosterone (Seriously)

Red Light Therapy is fantastic. Read this zero-to-hero story.

I received an email from a reader about his experience with early childhood hormonal problems, testosterone replacement therapy, and discovering one of the most powerful healing tools available today, Red Light Therapy, and how it changed his life.

Most men’s testosterone levels are highest during puberty and tend to peak around age 18, with a slow and steady decline being the status quo.

However, Ramon had the testosterone levels of an 80-year-old man for most of his adolescence.

However, today at age 28, his levels of the big T are the highest they have ever been, and the trend continues upward every day.

Ramon was born with an abnormality in the pituitary gland, the master gland of the body. It regulates many of our most important hormones, including our sex steroid hormones.

Typically, the pituitary is a spherical object, like a small planet, but Ramon’s is flat like a pancake because of his genetic inheritance. This flattening effect sends a suppressive signal that reduces its overall output.

It was discovered at age 13 because Ramon was not entering puberty and was displaying various estrogen-related issues such as obesity and the dreaded “man-boobs.”  

At the behest of an endocrinologist, he underwent testosterone replacement therapy or TRT… at age 13!

The testosterone therapy worked, and he was given the prognosis of likely having to be on TRT for most of his life.

While Ramon’s case is rather extreme, in reality, many men today experience a lack of testosterone, which ends up affecting their virility, sexual desire, energy, and confidence in negative ways.

Our environment seems almost designed to lower our masculine hormones, with a ubiquitous amount of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, declining food quality, inactivity, and chronic stress. 

Due to these early health challenges, Ramon had devoted himself to learning more about what he could do in terms of his health and hormones. 

Good on him. Because you see, how we eat, exercise, think, and manage stress plays a HUGE role in our overall hormonal health. 

The medical community presents the idea that hormones just decline. They tell us the only treatment is Testosterone Replacement Therapy. That is simply not true. 

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We have a lot more power over our hormonal health than is currently accepted in the mainstream allopathic world. 

While proper exercise, the right diet, and high-quality stress-relieving methods are all excellent tools you should pursue diligently, the one tool that has proven itself time and time again, due to its ease of use and reliability, is a NEW technology called Red Light Therapy.

There are over 5,000 Peer-Reviewed studies on photobiomodulation — PMB. But because the medical industry is in bed with the pharmaceutical industry, there is no business model for Red Light Therapy in traditional western medicine.

Ramon discovered that PMB had been studied for decades by dozens of countries and even institutions like NASA. Furthermore, most of these studies have provided positive, even outstanding results (4).

Here are some of the ways Red Light Therapy is used by thousands of people across the globe: 

✔︎ Fight Aging

✔︎ Lose Fat

✔︎ Tighten Skin Tone

✔︎ Speed Healing

✔︎ Combat Inflammation

✔︎ Optimize Brain Function, and

✔︎ Increased energy levels with red light therapy.

PBM can increase TESTOSTERONE too! You have to shine it on your balls!

Upon learning this, Ramon went out and bought himself a high-quality red light device, such as the Red Rush 360. 

Almost immediately, he was blown away by the results. 

Ramon’s testosterone levels went up, and he has been having powerful nighttime and morning erections. 

On top of his libido shooting through the roof, his “arousal-based” erections got way more robust. 

All this with as little as 3 to 5 minutes of Red Light Therapy at home every other day. 

It does not take more than that to make a significant difference in your T levels, and more may be harmful (specifically on the testicles).  

If you’d like to know more about Red Light Therapy and the specific product I use with my husband, check out RedRush 360. 

I love my red light therapy device, and while I still pay lots of attention to diet, exercise, and stress management, the red light device is still one of the most effective tools you can have at your disposal. 

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