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FAQs for the PhoenixHIM and PhoenixHER

The PhoenixHIM and PhoenixHER are the latest and greatest upgrades in the Pro Series!

Besides the excellent new blue and pink color, the PhoenixHIM and PhoenixHER offer unlimited treatments (Phoenix Pro taps out at 50 total treatments). 

The NEW devices can boast such exceptional capabilities because their internal components have been advanced and fortified. This means you get to enjoy more treatments throughout the years.

The PhoenixHIM and PhoenixHER are Acoustic Wave Therapy devices specifically designed for safe and effective use at home. Acoustic Wave Therapy works by sending powerful sound waves into the targeted tissue, causing micro-trauma to the blood vessels beneath the skin, fostering angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels.

Now, are they safe? 


I’ve been recommending PhoenixPRO for some time now with zero negative feedback from my fans and followers. 

These upgraded versions should be even better. 

Hundreds of peer-reviewed medical studies have been conducted, and literally, tens of thousands of patients have been treated with little to no side effects. However, it is always recommended to check with your primary care physician before starting any new therapeutic or health routine.

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Now, does it hurt? Does it have side effects? How does it feel when being used? 

People have varying levels of pain tolerance, and many can perform the treatment with little discomfort. For those who are more sensitive, we provide and recommend using a topical numbing cream, and a sample is included with the purchase of your Phoenix Pro. The majority of PhoenixHIM and PhoenixHER test users experience no pain at all. 

Individual results vary depending on each patient’s current erection quality and underlying health conditions. 

That said, most Phoenix Her users start experiencing positive results after the first few treatments.

Once patients complete the recommended protocol, anywhere from 6-12+ treatments, they will enjoy continued improvement for up to 90 days after treatment is completed. 

Now, here’s what you have to keep in mind. 

Acoustic wave therapy is only one piece of a comprehensive sexual health regimen. 

Equally important are diet, exercise, healthy body mass index, and certainly hormone balancing. 

And finally, you may be thinking. Can I be sexually active while using the PhoenixHIM and PhoenixHER devices? 

There is no ‘down time’ with Acoustic Wave Therapy. You can be active right after a treatment. If you used a topical numbing cream, you might have to wait a few hours for the numbing effect to wear off so you can start feeling enhanced pleasure and sensitivity. 

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acoustic wave therapy

The company offers a 60-day guarantee on the PhoenixHIM/HER. Should your device malfunction on its own with no physical damage made, they will provide you with a replacement device at no additional cost in exchange for the malfunctioning device. Due to the nature of this device, they do not offer refunds once it has been shipped from our facility. They also offer an Extended Warranty that can be added to your cart by clicking here. The warranty covers the device for 1 year.


The PhoenixHIM Benefits: 

  • Amplified blood flow 
  • Enhanced rigidity 
  • Better sensitivity and pleasure 
  • Reduces penis refractory time 

The PhoenixHER Benefits: 

  • Amplifies orgasms 
  • Enhances and restores lubrication capability 
  • Boosts sensitivity and arousal 
  • Reduces stress and urinary incontinence 

Check out their respective websites for video demonstrations and more reports for more information on these fantastic devices. 

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