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Auditory Pheromones For Hotter Sex

Chemistry Unleashed: Guy Smelling Her

You’ve probably heard about pheromones and how they work. 

However, did you know there is also such a thing as Auditory Pheromones? 

One of my girlfriends had super hot sex with her husband while listening to sexy music. 

She said the song inspired her in the heat of the moment to unleash her inner tigress. 

Now, “auditory pheromones” are a tad bit different. 

Normal pheromones are secreted by our bodies to attract people of the opposite sex. 

These “musical pheromones” are created to influence our mind and body to make sex hotter, give us more sexual energy, empower us to become better lovers, and of course…

To crave for more hot, unbridled, passionate, connected lovemaking. 

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Note: This video is suitable for couples to watch together and singles to be ready when you find your next lover.


4 Keys To Sexual Ecstasy is a package of five CDs that reveal proven techniques top sex therapists and tantra teachers use to help people experience breakthroughs in their intimate life. 

The package includes the Love Unbound music CDs infused with Auditory Pheromones®. 

My friend Ellen Eatough produced a unique kind of music that contains Auditory Pheromones®. You will notice an improvement in your sex life just by playing it while you’re making love.

Lovers have experienced more orgasms, longer erections, and extended stamina. Couples who’ve been together for years have revived libidos and more passionate overall lovemaking.

With this, it doesn’t matter whether you like classical music, rock, dance or whatever…

Just play this when you’re having sex, and you’ll notice its effects instantly without having to think about it.

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“Dance” With Your Lover,It’s incredible how technology has progressed to the point of something like Love Unbound. Who would have thought we would someday have push-button turn-on music that works for anyone regardless of their musical tastes? 

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