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DIY Sexual Rejuvenation for Men And Women

The most powerful at-home acoustic wave device just got better and will soon be in your hands with up to $1,000 in discounts. 

And from a device designed to be only for men, is now recalibrated to also give amazing results for women too. 

They’re called the PhoenixHim and the PhoenixHER. 

And it uses the same revolutionary technology as the beautiful and super-effective GAINSWave and FEMIwave procedures.

The PhoenixHIM Benefits: 

  • Amplified blood flow 
  • Enhanced rigidity 
  • Better sensitivity and pleasure 
  • Reduces penis refractory time 

The PhoenixHER Benefits: 

  • Amplifies orgasms 
  • Enhances and restores lubrication capability 
  • Boosts sensitivity and arousal 
  • Reduces stress and urinary incontinence 

Check out their respective websites for video demonstrations and more reports for more information on these fantastic devices. 

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The BIG advantage of the PhoenixHim and PhoenixHER is that you can use it in the comfort of your home. No need to go to a clinic. No need to visit the doctor each time. 

DIY Penis and Vaginal Rejuvenation available at an incredibly affordable price. 

There is absolutely no reason a man and a woman would want to continue being sexually active even late into their 60s or 70s to not have these beauties for themselves. 


If you want the benefits of the sought-after GAINSWave and FEMIwave procedures without the extra work of going for appointments, this is a MUST-HAVE. 

It’s the most effective at-home acoustic wave device ever created. 

The PhoenixHim and PhoenixHER uses advanced sound waves to break up the plaque within the penis and vagina’s blood vessels while regenerating new blood vessels via angiogenesis. 

And while the previous versions of these devices can only offer a limited number of treatments before clocking out, these new units can give you unlimited treatments. 

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The company offers a 60-day guarantee on the PhoenixHIM/HER. Should your device malfunction on its own with no physical damage made, they will provide you with a replacement device at no additional cost in exchange for the malfunctioning device. Due to the nature of this device, they do not offer refunds once it has been shipped from our facility. They also offer an Extended Warranty that can be added to your cart by clicking here. The warranty covers the device for 1 year.

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