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Magic Fingers Technique

I just stumbled across an interesting article that I wanted to share with you. Do women release fluid during orgasm?

Throughout most of history, medical science didn’t believe women could enjoy sex.

And when you take into account a lot of countries such as England, where everyone was expected to act very proper and not speak out of turn, women were too afraid even to tell their husbands that they did enjoy it and wanted it more.

Instead, if a woman showed any signs of frustration or anger or anything they deemed “improper” and unladylike, she was diagnosed with a mild case of hysteria.

(In other words, they thought she was crazy)

The funny part is that the cure for this form of hysteria was a medical technique called an internal pelvic massage, where a woman would go to her physician. He would finger her until she had an orgasmic release.

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At the time, doctors explained it by essentially saying that they were getting rid of her “demons,” but in reality, she was getting off.

Now, like with any other kind of doctor in history, the more patients they could treat in a day, the more money they could make.

So, of course, it was in their best interests to get a woman off as fast as possible.

Some doctors treated tens and even hundreds of thousands of patients with this technique in just a few short years.

So you can imagine how good their technique had become.

Imagine how easily you will be able to get your woman off when you have the surgical precision of some of the best doctors in history and the technique that has been proven to work millions of times throughout history.

She’s almost going to think that you have magic fingers.

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