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Get Me Some Of That Sexual Explosion

Briefs or boxers?

Did you know wearing tight clothing and underwear can stunt your semen production? 

Even the way you sit is vital. Experts say crossing your legs puts more pressure and restricts your balls. 

And did you know drinking cow’s milk has devastating effects on not only the thickness and production of your semen but also your overall virility and health?

Many guys are cluelessly killing their load production by standing, walking, sitting, eating, having sex, and working out the wrong way.

That’s why my good friend and famous sex expert Lloyd Lester has written a new book that teaches men how to naturally blow thicker, heavier, juicier, and more lather-worthy loads. 

Today is the LAST DAY; he’s keeping the price at $9.95. 

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Lloyd Lester is the creator of many sexual health and sex technique programs that I’ve been recommending to my readers for years if you don’t know who he is. 

His programs include Ejaculation On-Command, Orgasm On-Command, Unstoppable Hardness, and the No-Touch Orgasm. 

Here’s some of the stuff you’ll discover in his new book: 

  • How to make the most of the semen you already have 
  • Techniques to produce more semen your balls can handle 
  • How to get all of the semen out during ejaculation for one massive sexual explosion 
  • Three foods that are critical to your semen health 
  • The ONE health food that is drying up your balls 
  • Exercises that promote testosterone and semen production (while not stunting your penis size and sexual virility) 

And so much more!

All guys should get this book. I mean it. 

Some of the techniques and methods in Lloyd’s book take a few days or weeks to take effect. You know, long-term semen production.

However, he also included several techniques and clever tricks that give you an almost instant effect of shooting more load in your next ejaculation. You should start using them starting tonight.

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