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What her most sensitive parts crave…

Here’s a million-dollar question that most people answer in cents:

“Why do VERY FEW women say they’re able to climax DURING sex?”

There are many ways to make women enjoy the living daylights out of sex with you…

…like giving your woman lots of foreplay, communicating and asking what she wants, or learning a bunch of positions to increase stimulation and keep her guessing.

What do a woman’s body and mind crave? When you feed her these cravings, she will be so relaxed during sex that orgasms will be the norm. 

These tips contribute to your arsenal of sexual skills. However, according to my friend and fellow sexpert, Lloyd Lester, you must avoid two major blind spots to help a woman “reach her peak.”

Here are two blind spots Lloyd says you should look out for.

First is the lack of knowledge and experience with her body.

If you’ve been with her for a while, you know what turns her on and doesn’t.

But “turning her on” is NOT the same as getting her off. So now, all you need is to discover WHAT ELSE there is. (Hint: There are many highly erotic spots she doesn’t even know about herself.)

The second reason, far more critical than the first, is her comfort level.

Reaching a climax becomes second nature when a woman is comfortable and relaxed mentally and physically. You won’t even need to spend a lot of time on foreplay or choreographing a variety of bedroom positions.

To get a headstart, pick up your copy of “Orgasmic Reload.” And to keep the cycle of sex going, you’ll also want to get Lloyd’s other programs that are also ON SALE.

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That’s the beauty and genius of Lloyd Lester’s programs. He doesn’t just teach ONE way to have fantastic sex with your lover. He integrates his techniques with other techniques that either amplify the orgasmic pleasure or help keep sex going on and on until you and your lover are spent. 

Leaf through his programs tonight and know just why it stands out. You’ll experience how Lloyd’s material is way more versatile and applicable to just about any woman you meet.

But if you want something to try TONIGHT, go over to Chapter 5 – where you’ll find a potent trick to make her “climax on command”:

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