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NEW Nutrient for Daily Morning Wood

NEW Nutrient for Daily Morning Wood

This is another home run for guys, courtesy of my good friend, Adam Armstrong. Check out this food for a good erection.

As men get older, one thing that tends to disappear is daily “Morning Wood.”

If you’d like to wake up as HARD as you probably did in your college years, there’s a unique nutrient you can take. 

This nutrient is safe and natural, and when you take it daily, you’ll experience:

  • Higher T-Levels 
  • Consistent “Morning Wood” 
  • Greater sex drive and…
  • Harder Erections 

All of which is sure to put a smile on your woman’s face. 

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What makes Pine Pollen so potent?

NOT ONLY does it contain OVER 200 bio-available-and-active enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and much more in every serving…

Making Pine Pollen a nutritional powerhouse (and one of the healthiest foods you can consume, not just for your c*ck, but for your entire system)

It also contains naturally-occurring Phyto-androgens (these are the building blocks for your sex hormones, which you’re currently missing if you’re struggling with impotence, have low “T” and little-to-no desire to “mate” with even gorgeous women)

So how do you take it?

Consume daily before bed (if you’re consuming other Adam Armstrong products like Rock Hard or Go-All-Night, you can consume them together, but I recommend taking Pine Pollen separately at night for even more outstanding results).

Mix 2-3 tablespoons of New Alpha’s Pine Pollen with water (I recommend using a WHISK to mix it well).

Consume and SWISH the herbal mixture in your mouth for 30-60 seconds before swallowing (allow some pine pollen to sit under your tongue for MAXIMUM absorption). By doing this, you will absorb even more of the naturally occurring “sex hormones.” 

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  1. Enjoyed pictures, writings and videos as educational materials for beginners and veterans but who have not have knowledge of the human body as especially woman’s body.

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