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Your Sexy Santa is here to remind you once again… Check out these new sex toys for men.

That FunFactory has a NEW Sex Toy Gift Kit you can get for yourself and your lover to enjoy. 

It’s called the BLOW & GLOW Kit, and it’s one of the most enticing little things I’ve seen all year. 

It’s a package of two toys that FunFactory says can give you “Infinite O’s.” 

The MANTA turns your penis into a vibrator for your lover and feels like a blowjob for you. And the NŌS helps you both orgasm simultaneously. 

Combine that hot, first-time feeling with your intimate knowledge of what gets your partner off. The raved-about toys in the BLOW & GLOW Kit bring the fireworks to your favorite acts. 

Like a cowgirl position? NŌS makes the grinding even more stimulating. 

Like mutual masturbation? Stroke MANTA along the penis and NŌS along the vulva.

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It’s excellent for blowjobs, but it’s not just for blowjobs!

During oral, some couples glide MANTA along the shaft of the penis and hold NŌS against the perineum. The vibrations hit all the hotspots at once for an earth-shattering O.

But that’s just one way of using the toys. Both toys in the BLOW & GLOW Kit can be used for external clit stimulation, as well, when you’re eating out or whenever you want to make your partner moan.

FunFactory has always been one of my favorite sex toys brands because of its sheer ingenuity, high-quality toys, and mission to give more orgasms to the world. 

Here’s what’s inside the Blow & Glow Kit:

  • The MANTA and the NŌS. 
  • Ylang-ylang massage candle (helps soften every touch) 
  • Six exclusive video workshops from Ashley Manta 
  • Four sexy games to help you expand your play 
  • A custom hair scrunchie, just for FUN


Usually, sex toys are attributed to female pleasure. 

Then there are cock rings that help the guy maintain firmness during penetration. 

And there are toys for men’s prostate health and masturbation. 

However, with the new FunFactory MANTA and NŌS, both ladies and gentlemen get simultaneous benefits. 

The MANTA is fantastic for solo or couple’s play. It turns the penis into a vibrating power tower that the lover can ride or enjoy orally. The MANTA was also designed to fit any girth. 

The NŌS is a vibrating cock ring with two little nubbies with dual motors that pleasure both the penis and the clitoris. For guys with trouble maintaining a firm erection, the NŌS cock ring can give him added confidence to stay hard and last longer. It’s one of my most favorite things to come out of FunFactory.

You also get a great massage candle. It’s made of soy and melts into the oil you can use for a sensual massage and smells of delightful aphrodisiac. You can also use it for temperature play by dripping the oil on your partner’s body. 

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new sex toys for men

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