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Get Her Of 10X More Easily

Get Her Of 10X More Easily

Did you grab Lloyd Lester’s “Orgasmic Amplifiers” yet? Read on to learn about tricks to turn her on.

I sent you an email about it earlier this week. It’s his NEW program about turning the techniques you have now… (or done previously)

Into amplified orgasm instruments you can use to make your woman crave sex with you even when you’re not together.

This is a suite of “Pleasure Amplifiers” that turns routine sex into explosive, body-convulsing bliss that dwarfs the best years of your life!

These powerful amplifiers take what you’re already doing in the bedroom and make it better, more memorable, more orgasmic than it’s ever been before.

They are your ticket to as much sex as you and your lady can physically handle!

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tricks to turn her on


Lloyd Lester has never disappointed me with his wild new ideas and techniques. 

They’re always fun to try out with your lover… again and again. And they always work the way you want. 

When the brain is presented with a new or unfamiliar idea or situation, a little alarm goes off inside saying, “What’s that like?” And automatically, the brain searches its memory banks for something similar.

Such as what the five senses give you — the taste of chocolate, the sound of the waves, a beautiful countryside.

Fun fact: Did you know watching a scary movie before sex can turn women ON?

That’s because those movies excite the same part of her brain as arousal does.

And the immediate response of “feeling scared” is similar to getting horny: her heart rate increases, her adrenaline shoots up, and blood rushes to her genitals.

In short, the level of her arousal and pleasure are all AMPLIFIED.

This is good news because “getting her off” has now gotten 10x easier for you!

I mean, not every guy can give a girl an orgasm, to begin with, let alone give her a powerful, toe-curling one.

And yet there are just so many different tips and tricks, so many ways to expand her pleasure…

The question is, is there a specific time to amplify her senses when you’re IN THE MOMENT – as in your bodies are intertwined?

Of course, there is. And you’re about to find out right here…

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