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Detoxes Better Than Charcoal (NEW)

This is part of my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Treat Yourself Right and Give The Gift of Health. (One for you, one for your friend.)

Read on to learn more about better detox.

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Does your liver have black spots? I wish we could peer inside ourselves and see how toxins are wreaking havoc on our organs, especially our liver — our biggest filter system.

Since the average person is exposed to 84,000 toxins filtered by their liver… 

… so the answer is almost certainly “YES.” 

And that’s dangerous because black spots in the liver can become “fatty” and cause even more toxic buildup. This leads to all sorts of symptoms and even life-threatening health challenges.  

What’s worse is…

Over 70% of your immunity is determined in your gut. And with all the toxins in our food, even those supposedly deemed “healthy” like Kale, Cauliflower, Fish, Shellfish, Bone Broth, Green Tea, and even Organic Coffee.

It’s no wonder most of us start “feeling old and tired” even in our 40s. 

But guess what? There’s some good news.

You can counter “bad black” in your liver with “good black.”

I’m talking about a liver-protecting ancient Egyptian “black magic” nutrient revealed on this website. Check it out. It’s packed with a lot of information and studies that will make you do a double-take on your liver health. 

Here are five early warning signs that your liver is in grave danger. 

  1. Being tired in the morning. 
  2. Having difficulty losing weight. 
  3. Not feeling good after eating. 
  4. Lack of focus and constant brain fog. 
  5. Dark circles under your eyes. 

If you’re experiencing any of these, you might want to check out the site I’ve linked below. 

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⇐ Patent-Pending “Super Carbon” Binds Hazardous Toxins Way Better Than Activated Charcoal


This Super Carbon nutrient protects the liver in THREE key ways: 

1 – It binds to toxins that create those dangerous black spots…  

2 – It helps safely remove them from the liver and… 

3 – It absorbs toxins in the colon, so they never make it to the liver to do damage. 

The result? 

Researchers found that if you avoid the five warning signs of a toxic liver (including hidden black spots), your entire system runs better, all the supplements you take work better, and your system isn’t dragged down with toxins.

But what is this nutrient, and is it legit? 

For more than 1500 years, ancient Egyptian physicians used this sacred black nutrient to heal wounds. 

But it wasn’t until the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used it for intestinal disorders that it was re-discovered and used in the West.

Western medicine believes this nutrient is so powerful the Environment Medical Journal stated, “It’s one of the most important substances ever discovered.” 

And, The Western Journal of Medicine says it “may be the single most effective treatment in many types of poisoning (toxicity).” 

Today, this nutrient is so effective at clearing toxins and pathogens from your colon that most functional health experts use it for the following:

  • Metabolism and weight control
  • Bloating and indigestion
  • Skin and oral health
  • Gut Detox

And many other underlying health concerns.

This ancient nutrient, modernized to make it easy to consume and acquire, is probably the best way to pull toxic metals and other dangerous chemicals out of your gut. 

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⇐ Patent-Pending “Super Carbon” Binds Hazardous Toxins Way Better Than Activated Charcoal

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